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Tests of new Russian Sprut-SDM1 125mm anti-tank vehicle to start in October 2018

The official tests of the Sprut-SDM1 NATO Code  2S25M, 125-millimeter self-propelled mechanized anti-tank gun on tracked armored vehicle designed for the airborne troops are due to start in October 2018, a Russian defense industry source told TASS.

Tests of new Russian Sprut SDM1 125mm anti tank vehicle to start in October 2018 925 001
Russian-made Sprut-SDM1 2S25M 125mm self-propelled anti-tank gun on armored tracked chassis. (Picture source Army Recognition)

"The Sprut-SDM1 official tests are due to begin in the fourth quarter of 2018," the source said.

The Russian State Corporation Rostec refused to comment on the deadlines named by the source but said that ‘Sprut- SDM1’ prototype models were ready for the tests and that the customer had preserved interest in the weapon.

The baseline version of the ‘Sprut-SDM1’ self-propelled anti-tank weapon with the 2A75 gun came into service in 2006. According to open sources, more than 30 such vehicles were purchased for the airborne troops between 2005 and 2010. Later, the ‘Sprut-SD’ deliveries to the troops stopped and resumed with the appearance of a modernized project of the self-propelled mechanized antitank weapon.

The 2A75M gun is a distinguishing feature of the ‘Sprut- SDM1’ self-propelled mechanized anti-tank weapon. The fighting qualities of the 2A75M gun practically match the parameters of the 2A46M5 tank gun. It is possible to use all types of projectiles intended for major combat tanks T-72 and T-90. The 2A75M battle load consists of 40 projectiles. The standard battle load consists of 20 armour-piercing composite shots and 6 anti-tank guided missiles. The ‘Sprut-SDM1’ self-propelled mechanized antitank weapon has six 902B Tucha smoke grenades discharger. The sight gunner is equipped with the Sosna-U sighting system.


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