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Tenexium expands its T-LINER T-SAFE armor protection and solutions for vehicles & buildings

Tenexium is a new French company dedicated in the supply of armored protection solutions. Its product range is based on an original composite that can be adapted to a wide range of applications with a cost-effectiveness ratio that makes it possible to broadly extend the spectrum of effective ballistic protection. Its T-Liner is an additional armoring solution designed to significantly increase crew protection and survivability in civilian as well as military armored vehicles.
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The T-Liner has been specifically designed and developed to improve the armored protection level of military and civilian vehicles (Picture source: Tenexium)

T-LINER is a bulletproof and anti- splinter low-density material, enabling to ensure a high level of ballistic protection, notably in case of multi-hit impacts while keeping as low as possible the vehicle weight area density. Tenexium’s solution has been certified through a wide range of ballistic certifications. Its specific design provides excellent mechanical properties. Besides, its composition is toxic-emanation free and resistant to fire; its properties are not deteriorated while exposed to humidity or ozone. Very stable, T-Liner’s lifespan is more than 20 years.

T-LINER was tested and certified according to international standards, in stand-alone and also combined with additional material. Tests were performed on a wide temperature range from -32°C till +49°C. Hence, Tenexium is offering a large range of protection according to the most used worldwide standard: AEP 55, EN-1522, VPAM, GHOST, MIL, NIK, etc. T-Liner can be used on a stand-alone basis or in combination with other armoring materials (steel, ceramic, etc.) in order to address the highest and most sophisticated threats.

T-LINER is proposed with various thicknesses and allows easy integration in various vehicle configurations. It is manufactured in panels of 1,220 x 2,440mm (4’x8’) but the company can also deliver parts cut to size upon request. Installation of T-LINER is ensured by gluing and/or mechanical fastener, ensuring a perfect homogeneity with the structure and of course the protection efficiency.

Recycling and be environmentally friendly is a strength of T-LINER: the customer can recycle the panels once the vehicle or the structure must be dismantled or upgraded. In addition, the composition of T-LINER is not toxic, from its production, during its life, and even in case of combustion.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news

T-SAFE panels range are available in different thicknesses of TENEXIUM and provided with a decorative coating on one or both sides. All our panels are certified against ballistic protection standards: EN1522 – NIJ 0108. (Picture source: Tenexium)

Besides offering armoring solutions for vehicles, Tenexium also manufactures T-SAFE, an efficient and easy protection solution for public, private, and professional areas (offices, etc.). It allows a quick and straightforward installation against various threats while having a real aesthetical aspect that can be tailored to the customer's request by a large choice of decorative patterns. These decorative patterns can be applied to one or both faces upon demand. Panels can be installed on existing structures (doors, walls, partitions, ceiling, etc.) but can also be delivered in the form of cut parts the size of which being customized to the customer's requested configuration.

T-SAFE material is offering perfect stand-alone protection against firearms (NIJ 0108-01 standard). Once combined with other materials, the protection level can be improved to reach higher levels of protection according to potentially more sophisticated threats.


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