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South Korean army tests Warrior Platform

The Warrior Platform is an ongoing project initiated by the Republic of Korea (ROK) Army. Its goal is to modernize individual equipment of all its combat troops and bring them up to contemporary standards and beyond.

South Korean army tests warrior platform
Warrior Platform falls under the army's new "Top 5 Game Changer" concept (Picture source: Defese News agency)


  Warrior Platform falls under the army's new "Top 5 Game Changer" concept, which is a collection of five key frameworks that the army plans on carrying out to increase its fighting capability. It is the army's response to key challenges it faces today: massive decline in manpower caused by low birth rate and existential threats caused by North Korean nuclear arsenal. "Top 5 Game Changer" consists of:

1) Building a large arsenal of ballistic and cruise missiles capable of precisely striking strategic targets in any weather condition.
2) Forming a highly-mobile and heavily-equipped corps capable of rapidly securing enemy's strategic center (IE: Pyeongyang).
3) Increasing capabilities of Special Operations Forces and forming a specialized unit tasked with eliminating enemy leadership.
4) Investing in drones and other autonomous robots.
5) Drastically improving capabilities of individual soldiers.

Warrior Platform is the embodiment of the 5th framework and is expected to be fully implemented by 2022.


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