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Smart guns to prevent accidental firing

The US Army is currently soliciting bids for high-tech battlefield solutions to create the soldier’s rifle of the future, Jeff Parsons reports on Metro.

Smart guns to prevent accidental firing
In the future, a chip inserted in the assault rifle might prevent accidental firing  (Picture source: U.S. doD)

Dimensional Weapons Systems seeking a U.S. Army contract is working on an operating system that could be embedded into a gun, which could have law-enforcement and civilian applications that may reshape the U.S. debate about gun safety. ‘You could accomplish some of the functionality by duct-taping an iPhone to your gun. However what we offer is the world’s first truly embedded operating system,’ said Melvic Smith, 41, principal owner of Dimensional Weapons Systems, which bills itself as the first patented blockchain-based firearms company. That system could eventually add any number of applications, Smith said, including ‘smart gun’ technology that would only allow the weapon to be fired by a designated shooter’s hand. Smart guns, in theory, could prevent people from accidentally firing guns, or render stolen guns useless.


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