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Slovenian company Valhalla develops new Remote Control Weapon Station for Russian T-72 tanks 50407164

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Slovenian company Valhalla develops new Remote Control Weapon Station for Russian T-72 tanks
Valhalla, a Slovenian company has developed a new remote controlled weapon station (RCWS) intended for the upgrade of Soviet/Russian-originated T-72 main battle tanks (MBT), according to the company`s press department.
Slovenian company Valhalla develops new Remote Control Weapon Station for Russian T72 tanks 640 001
The Odin 57 RCWS (Photo Valhalla)
"Odin 570 RCWS is armed with 57 mm L/70 automatic cannon developed by BAE Systems AB (Bofors AB). The gun has an ammunition load of 100 57x438 mm rounds. Its elevation angles are between -10 ° and +60°. The station has received the coaxial 5.56 mm and anti-aircraft 7.62 mm machineguns. Each machinegun has an ammunition load of 2,000 rounds. Odin 570 has a traverse of 360°", a Valhalla`s official said. The module was unveiled at the Eurosatory 2016 defense show in Paris.

The company offers the upgrade of T-72 MBTs with Odin 570 RCWS. The modified vehicle is designated as HFV (Heavy Fighting Vehicle). It requires a crew of three tankers, including commander, driver and gunner. Their seats are located in the front of the HFV`s hull. The additional 57x438mm rounds are stored in the vehicle.

Bofors 57 mm L/70 gun was originally intended for naval ships. It has a length of 4,345 mm, a firing rate of 200 rounds per minute, an effective firing range of 8,500 m, a maximum firing range of 17,000 m and a muzzle velocity of 1,035 m/s. The gun is equipped with electronic firing device, stabilizer and gyro-stabilized sighting system. BAE Systems AB has developed an innovative 3P unified programmable ammunition for elimination of all types of targets on the modern battlefield. The round has three proximity fusing modes. The time, impact and armour-penetrating functions can be easily adjusted. Hence, the gun rapidly switches between aerial, land and naval targets. BAE Systems AB unveiled the 3P round in 2006.

The company is developing new munitions for 57 mm gun. In 2015, BAE demonstrated a new 57x348mm guided round designated as Mk.295 Mod 1 ORKA (Ordnance for Rapid Kill of Attack Craft). The round has received new multi-mode laser-designated semi-active seeker, retaining 3P fusing modes. In December 2015, the US Navy`s official spokeperson announced that the service had started the development of its own 57x348mm round intended for LCS (Littoral Combat Ship) vessels.

Valhalla does not specify the level of Odin 570 protection. The module seems to be armoured at Level 4 (K) STANAG 4569 (all-round protection against 14.5 mm armour-piercing bullets at 20 m distance).

Valhalla offers two T-72 upgrade options along with Odin 570. The first variant includes the installation of Magni unmanned module in the rear part of a tank`s turret. Magni is armed with small-caliber chain gun (ATK Bushmaster 25 mm, Rheinmetall Rh 202 20 mm or 2A14 23 mm) and a 30 mm/40 mm automatic grenade launcher (AGL). The second variant comprises Baldr RCWS with medium-caliber automatic cannon (2A42 30 mm or Rheinmetall 30 mm Mk.30-2).
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