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Serbia has developed MTU-4 quadruple launcher of MANPADS missiles

The Military Technical Institute of the Serbian Ministry of Defense has developed the MTU-4, a quadruple launcher for Igla SA-18 or Strela-2MA a local version of the Soviet-made SA-7B Grail MANPADS (Man Portable air Defense Missile System) produced by the Serbian State defense company Yugoimport.
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Serbian-made MTU-4 quadruple launcher station for Igla or Strela-2MA MANPADS Man Portable Air Defense Missile System. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The new MTU-4 seems very similar to the Russian-made Dzhighit support launcher designed to fire the lgla-1 (SA-16), Igla (SA-18) and Igla-S (SA-24) man-portable air defense missile systems (MANPADS) but only fitted with two missile launchers. Russia has also developed the Gibka-S, a Tigr 4x4 armored vehicle fitted with a weapon station armed with four launchers for Igla-S or Verba MANPADS (Man Portable Air Defense System).

The Polish army also put into service the POPRAD which consists of a weapon station armed with four GROM or Piorun, a Polish version of the Russian-made Strela-2M mounted on an AMZ Zubr 4x4 armored vehicle chassis.

The Serbian MTU-4 can be mounted on a light tactical vehicle, during the Partner 2021 defense exhibition in Serbia, the MTU-4 was mounted on a Zastava 4x4 light tactical vehicle. In this configuration, the MTU-4 can be used as a short-range air defense missile system day and night.

The MTU-4 is equipped with a thermal imager sight, global navigation satellite system, inclinometer, digital compass as well as system for target acquisition, receiving and processing of target data received from air surveillance radar as well as IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) interrogator. Digital data processing includes correction of received target data depending on the radio signal delay from the radar, prediction by linear tracking, calculation of the distance to the target and azimuth.

The MTU-4 consists of a metal frame with a standing position for the operator in the center. Two man-portable missiles is mounted on each side of the gunner position with one pistol grip stock to fire each missile. It can be deployed on the ground, in a trench, on a vehicle, or on a ship deck. The system also includes a thermal camera, global navigation satellite system, electronic compass, Thales radio device and electronic ocular. Four additional missiles are stowed in the vehicle.

The MTU-4 has a total weight of 320 kg. It can fire both Igla or Srela-2MA missiles which are effective against all aerial targets including helicopters, aircraft as well as small targets such as unmanned aerial vehicles with a range from 1,500 to 5,200 m depending on the target.

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