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Russian Sarmat ICBM capable of breaking through any missile defense

Sarmat heavy intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) is equipped with the cutting-edge systems that can break through any missile and air defense, Strategic Missile Forces Commander Colonel-General Sergei Karakayev said.

Russian Sarmat ICBM capable of breaking through any missile defense 925 001
RS-28 Sarmat-T / SATAN 2-T super-heavy ICBM InterContinental Ballistic Missile (Picture source Deviant Art)

"Sarmat missiles are equipped with the most advanced systems capable of breaking through any missile defense," he said adding Sarmat is a response to the US global missile shield that encircles Russia.

"The unprecedented payload and universality of the Sarmat combat platform makes it possible to arm its multiple reentry vehicle with all types of warheads, including the new-generation ones," Karakayev said.

"The new missile can hit targets at major distances and reach them by various trajectories. The control system provides for precision strikes," he said.

The trials of the latest ICBM which is to replace Voevoda began in December 2017. Karakayev said the weight and size of Sarmat make it fit for existing silos with minimal adjustments of the positional areas. Industrial enterprises are currently producing missile elements and trials of its units are ongoing according to schedule. "By combat characteristics and combat effectiveness Sarmat is considerably ahead of predecessors and there are no analogues in the world," Karakayev said.

"The creation of the Avangard strategic missile complex equipped with gliding winged reentry vehicle is another effective response of the US missile shield. Its trials have been successfully completed," Karakayev said.

The hull of the vehicle is made of composite materials resistant to aerodynamic heat of several thousand degrees and provide protection against laser emission. The commander said in contrast to traditional reentry vehicles flying by ballistic trajectory "the gliding winged reentry vehicle is distinguished by the flight trajectory at an altitude of several dozen kilometers in the dense layers of the atmosphere."

"The vehicle flies at hypersonic speed to intercontinental distance. Maneuvering in altitude and along the course it can bypass the operational zones of all modern and prospective missile defenses," Karakayev said.

Various maneuvers impede missile defense in determining the trajectory of the hypersonic flight of the vehicle and targeting its interception, he added.

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