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Russian NSVT machineguns to be replaced by Kord Tass 52904161

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Russian NSVT machineguns to be replaced by Kord
All 12.7mm NSVT machineguns installed on Russian Armed Forces` (RAF) armoured vehicles (including main battle tanks) are planned to be replaced by modern 12.7mm Kord (RAF designation: 6P49) machinegun developed by Kovrov-based (Vladimir Region) Degtyarev Plant (a subsidiary of the High-Precision Weapons holding), a source in Russian defense industry said.
Russian NSVT machineguns to be replaced by Kord 640 001
The Russian-made Kord machine-gun 
"NSVT machinegun developed in the early 1970s is rapidly ageing. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the NSVT production line was partially transferred to Kazakhstan. RAF have not received new NSVT machineguns for a long time. Hence, the decision to replace the ageing NSVTs by modern 6P49 Kord heavy machinegun has been taken," the source said. He did not specify the terms of the replacing process.

6P49 Kord was developed by the Degtyarev plant in the early 2000s. It is being supplied to RAF in two configurations, namely, 6P49 (for installation on the armoured vehicles as main weapon/anti-aircraft machinegun) and 6P50 (intended for dismounted soldiers). The machinegun is chambered for 12.7x108 mm Soviet/Russian B-32/BZT-44/BS cartridges. The Kord`s body has a weight of 25.5 kg, a firing rate of 600-650 rounds per minute, a muzzle velocity of 820-860 m/s and a maximum firing range of 2,000 m. Russian 6S21 remote controlled weapon station (RCWS), which is supposed to be the main RCWS of RAF has received 6P49 Kord as the main weapon (it can be replaced by 14.5mm KPVT heavy machinegun).

Kord in 6P50 configuration has an attaching lug for day/night scopes. It is the only heavy machinegun in the world to be able to fire when installed on bipod.

Kord has received air-cooling quick-changeable barrel, which provides uniform heat extension. The installation of such barrel allows increasing of accuracy by 50-100% over the NSVT machinegun. Kord is fed by 50-round (6P50) or 150-round (6P49) belt.
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