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Russian military introduce Big Data decision-making technology

Commanders of military districts and general armies will be able to accelerate decisions in a combat situation. The new system with artificial intelligence elements and Big Data technologies will analyze the situation and offer several options. The commander will see a forecast of developments and brief recommendations. The official name is the information combat control system. It has been tested in the troops since 2018 and is now operating organically, the Izvestia daily writes.

Russian military introduce Big Data decision making technology
The combat control information system collects data from all sources, processes them and provides solutions in seconds (Picture source: Fujitsu Journal)

Combat charters stipulate that decisions should be made by a dozen of factors: friendly strength, reconnaissance data, state of roads, weather, munition and fuel stocks, morale, etc. All the data are calculated by special algorithms and result in a decision which forces to engage in a direction, which targets attack by artillery fire, where the reserves are located, how to organize supplies, evacuate the wounded and damaged hardware, etc.

The combat control information system collects data from all sources, processes them and provides solutions in seconds. Various recommended options are rated from the most successful one. Several Defense Ministry sources said the system uses artificial intelligence elements and Big Data technologies. It considerably reduces the decision-making time and increases its effectiveness, expert Viktor Murakhovsky said. "It is an element of the automatic command system. The hardware and software can be used at all levels from tactical to strategic. The main task is to provide automatic calculations, fulfil information and communication missions. Previously, data was collected manually. Chiefs-of-staff received the information from subordinated units and aggregated it. They analyzed much fewer parameters in a much longer time. The new algorithm provides for any type of combat, including a general operation with the use of various arms of forces and weapons," he said.

The software analyzes the situation in specific circumstances and offers solutions to the commander. He rates the options by various parameters depending on priorities. He may prioritize the time of the combat mission, predicted losses or resource consumption. The artificial intelligence calculates the possibility to seize an area or a stronghold. The accuracy of decisions depends on primary data and algorithms, Murakhovsky said.

The military can effectively use artificial intelligence technologies and Big Data and save the lives of hundreds of soldiers, expert Denis Kuskov said. "Big Data technology provides unlimited volumes of information, including video, text and graphics. It all happens in real-time. The artificial intelligence immediately processes, sums up and analyzes the information. It helps the commander to better engage the troops and resources," he said.

The Defense Ministry is also creating Acacia-M automatic command and control system. It will operate in each general army by late 2019. The ministry appropriated over 21 bln rubles for the procurement. The online system informs the commander and the headquarters about the combat situation, friendly and adversary troops. The commander uses Acacia to issue direct orders to subordinated troops, the Izvestia said.


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