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Russian engineer troops to receive Kapitan unmanned tracked robot UGV

Russian military engineers are receiving the latest Kapitan robotic complex of a modular scheme. Depending on the situation, it can carry mine clearance or reconnaissance equipment and in future will be armed with electronic warfare and firearms. The complex has a manipulator, the Izvestia daily writes.

Russian engineer troops to receive Kapitan unmanned tracked robot UGV 925 001
Russian Kapitan robotic complex UGV Unmanned Ground Vehicle (Picture source Russian Scientific Center)

The Kaptain has passed field trials, the Defense Ministry said. It resembles a miniature tracked half a meter high tank. The controls and batteries are inside. The modular design allows carrying dismountable engineering and reconnaissance equipment. The hull has a docking unit for quick replacement and the robot can be rearmed in several seconds.

The complex has dismountable modules for audio and visual reconnaissance of the terrain, as well as powerful optical devices operating in visual and infrared modes. The cameras can have additional 40- zoom lenses. They help the Kaptain inspect premises, basements, caves, shelters and look under an automobile or armor in any illumination. The robot can automatically move away from the control panel on open terrain to a distance of one kilometer and up to 500 meters in cities and caves.

The robot has a five-stage manipulator to clear explosive devices. It can lift and move mines and other cargoes of up to 7 kg. The manipulator sweeps detachable sensors and makes passes in anti-personnel minefields.

One battery charge allows operating for six hours without restrictions in mobility and manipulator operation. Maximum speed on moderate cross-country terrain is 5.5 km/h. Kapitan has wireless control, but an optic fiber (up to 200 meters) can be used for commands.

The new hardware corresponds to the trend of using robots in dangerous work. In Syria, the engineering troops tested light Sfera and Skarabei robots. They collect audio and video information in hard-of-access and specifically dangerous areas. Skarabei properly sweeps detachable and pressure-action sensors of anti-personnel mines and makeshift explosives. The operation of the robots in combat conditions provided recommendations for an upgrade of robotic engineers.

The engineering troops expect robots to do a half of all reconnaissance and mine clearance missions. They will increase the effectiveness of the engineering troops, former deputy head of the Soviet and Russian Engineering Troops Nikolai Topilin told the Izvestia. "The robots will decrease the risk of personnel losses. The engineering troops are always at the frontline. It is necessary to minimize the engagement of the people in dangerous work, such as mine laying and clearance," he said.

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