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Russian automatic command system selects hardware positions on battlefield

Automatic command and control systems received a new function that was tested at Center-2019 exercise. The system analyzes the tactical situation, terrain, weather and capabilities of friendly and adversary troops. Its algorithm rapidly selects the place where the hardware is invulnerable for adversary artillery, aircraft and drones, but can deliver major damage to them, the Izvestia daily writes.

Russian automatic command system selects hardware positions on battlefield
The system analyzes the tactical situation, terrain, weather and capabilities of friendly and adversary troops (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Combat charters stipulate that the commander has to select positions for combat vehicles by numerous factors. He has to analyze the tactical situation, terrain relief, weather and roads. It is necessary to know the adversary reconnaissance and strike strength. The analysis usually takes a lot of time.

The automatic system will do the job in seconds. It collects data from all sources, including satellites, reconnaissance vehicles, drones, etc. The artificial intelligence calculates adversary capabilities and offers effective camouflage options from adversary optical, heat and sound reconnaissance. The system calculates the capabilities of friendly hardware and decides where to deploy it for effective strikes.

The system uses the data to create 3D maps and show the location of combat vehicles. The artificial intelligence recommends camouflage and fortifications and other methods to defend the positions. The commander remains the only person to make the final decision.

The artificial intelligence will increase the effectiveness of hardware engagement in combat, expert Dmitry Kuskov said. "The information provided by reconnaissance and drones will reveal adversary accumulations. The technology may be used in the civilian sphere. Thus, the artificial intellect can effectively engage in geodesic work and help emergency services fight wildfires," he said.

From 2020, commanders of military districts and general armies will accelerate decision-making in a combat situation several times. They will have an information combat control system with artificial intelligence elements and Big Data technologies. It will analyze the situation and recommend several options. The commander will also see a forecast of the situation and brief comments.

In 2019, the Defense Ministry began to create Acacia-M automatic command and control system. Each army will operate it. The ministry appropriated over 21 bln rubles for the procurement of the system. It informs the army commander and headquarters about the combat situation online and the actions of friendly and adversary troops. The commander can use Acacia for direct orders to subordinated forces, the Izvestia said.

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