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Russian airborne reconnaissance and commando units to receive Typhoon-VDV armored vehicles

According to information released by the Russian Press Agency TASS on August 15, 2020, the latest Typhoon-VDV armored vehicles will be first supplied to Russian airborne reconnaissance and commando units. 
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Typhoon-VDV armored vehicle. (Picture source Vitaly Kuzmin)

In the future, Russian airmobile units can be equipped with them. Experts believe the vehicles will radically increase the mobility and protection of paratroopers, the Izvestia daily writes.

Commandos and scouts will be the first airborne units to receive Typhoon-VDV, Defense Ministry sources said. Supplies of the vehicles to recently created airmobile units are considered. Several options, including armored personnel carrier vehicles armed with a gun or a mortar, are to be supplied to paratroopers.

Airborne Forces Commander Colonel-General Andrey Serdyukov earlier said the paratroopers would receive a batch of K-4386 Typhoon-VDV for test operation. Massive supplies are to begin in 2021. It was reported that whole battalions would switch to new armored vehicles.

It testifies to major changes in the Airborne Forces, expert Vladislav Shurygin said. The Russian Defense Ministry would like the concept of airborne engagement. The new hardware will develop the paratroopers into a rapid reaction force and the basis of expeditionary contingents. Mobility and deployment speed are specifically important.

According to the combat experience of Russian troops in Syria, the need for new armored vehicles offering more protection and firepower is a top priority for Russia armed forces. It can provide a high level of protection against mine blast, better than the family of BMD airborne tracked armored vehicle.

During the Victory Day parade in Moscow, the K-4386 Typhoon-VDV was equipped with a new remotely operated weapon station armed with one 30mm automatic cannon and one 7.62mm coaxial machine gun. However, not all K-4386 designed by Remdiesel for the Airborne Forces will have such arms. The family of Typhoon-VDV has options with different weapons and an armored personnel carrier vehicle able to accommodate seven soldiers or military equipment.

The Typhoon-VDV Russian name K-4386 is a member of the Typhoon family wheeled armored vehicle designed and manufactured by the Russian company Kamaz for the Russian airborne troops. The development of the Typhoon-VDV was launched in late 2015, and after five months the first vehicle was produced to conduct field tests.

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