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Russia tests new mobile radar with artificial intelligence

Russia is testing a new radar with artificial intelligence elements for long-range target detection and guidance provision to aircraft and air defense missiles.

Russia tests new mobile radar with artificial intelligence
At defense exhibitions like Army 2019, Russia displays a wide array of radars (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The radar will become the main element of the automatic air defense control system. It will be integrated into the control system of the troops to engage all available arms, if necessary. Experts believe the new radars will increase air defense capabilities, the Izvestia daily writes.

The first long-range radars have been supplied to the Central Military District. They participate in exercises, the Defense Ministry said but did not disclose radar characteristics. However, it is known that the super long-range radar is mobile and used for uninterrupted airspace control. Its capabilities are comparable to airborne early warning aircraft.

The radar with artificial intelligence elements will be the backbone of the new control system of the Aerospace Forces. It can automatically track several dozen targets and precisely determine coordinates and movement parameters of aircraft and missiles, as well as identify all types of aircraft, their speed and location. The gathered information is analyzed in real time and transmitted to the central command post which chooses the best way of the attack and submits the mission to missiles and fighter jets. Pilots and antiaircraft forces receive target information, as well as recommendations which weapons to engage against the adversary.

The new radar operates in any weather and in electronic warfare conditions. It is resistant to active and passive jamming. It documents situation data and keeps them in a protected electronic databank. The information can be used as a legal proof of state border violation.

The radar is carried by an all-terrain vehicle and can operate in cross-country conditions. It can be easily redeployed or airlifted to another area. Several radars at a distance from each other create a total zone of control in a very short time.

The mobile super-long radars are necessary to increase the radar field of the air defense, former Commander of the antiaircraft forces Lieutenant-General Alexander Gorkov said. "Such radars can see in a radius of 600 km. Their long-sightedness increases the decision-making time. It gives a major advantage in modern fast and dynamic air combat," he said.

The radar can be deployed in a border area to collect reconnaissance information. It will identify the adversary and determine the number of aircraft and the altitude. In peacetime, such radars are usually connected with the automatic control system which collects information from all radars.

The Russian armed forces are actively upgrading the radar network. The first stage of deployment of multi-layered early warning radar system was completed late last year when over-horizon Container 29B6 radar went on combat test duty. Three stationary long-range Voronezh radars became operational a year before and created an uninterrupted radar field along the perimeter of the country, the Izvestia said.

Russia tests new mobile radar with artificial intelligence 2
At defense exhibitions like Army 2019, Russia displays a wide array of radars (Picture source: Army Recognition)

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