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Russia starts serial production of Vystrel 4x4 armored vehicles fitted with BMD-30D RWS

According to information published on the Russian Facebook website "VK", JSC, the Russian Central Research Institute Burevestnik has started the serial production of the remotely operated weapon station BM-30D to be mounted on the 4x4 armored vehicle BPM-97 KamAZ-43269 Vystrel.
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The Vystrel BPM-97 fitted with the remotely operated weapon station BM-30. (Picture source VK)

The Epoch BM-30D RCWS was developed by the Russian Central Research Institute BUREVESTNIK and is armed with one 2A42 30mm automatic cannon and one 7.62mm PKTM coaxial machine gun. The optoelectronic suite installed above the main gun includes day/night vision, infrared cameras, and a laser rangefinder.

The Vystrel is the nickname of the BPM-97 which is the Russian designation of the n for the KAMAZ 4326, a Russian-made 4x4 armored vehicle in the MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) category. The vehicle is based on the truck chassis KAMAZ-43269 and was designed for the Russian Border Guards. The first vehicle entered in service with the Russian Defense Ministry in 2009.

To date, the Vystrel was only fitted with a pintle-mounted or one-man open-top turret armed with a 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun. With the BM-30D, the vehicle will have more firepower.

The goal of the Vystrel fitted with Epoch BM-30D RCWS is to offer more firepower while maintaining high mobility in all-terrain conditions. With the RCWS, the crew has a new weapon station equipped with optics for day/night combat capabilities and a fire control system. This type of turret allows the gunner to aim and control all the firing operations from inside the hull and under armor protection.

The Vystrel is powered by a KamAZ-740.11-240 turbocharged diesel engine developing 240 hp. The two-axle, four-wheel-drive sided vehicle Kamaz 4326 (4×4) is designed to be used as a personnel carrier and transport troops in the road and off-road conditions. The BPM-97 can run at a maximum road speed of 90 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 1,100 km.

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