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Russia: self propelled Flox and Drok mortars, Magnolia gun begin preliminary trials

Self-propelled Flox and Drok mortars, Magnolia gun designed in the framework of Nabrosok R&D are undergoing preliminary trials, Uralvagonzavod (UVZ) producer said.

Russia self propelled Flox and Magnolia guns Drok mortar begin preliminary trials
Flox 120mm mortar on Ural 6x6 chassis unveiled at Army 2016, near Kubinka (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The commander-in-chief of the Ground forces earlier said Russia was designing the Nabrosok set of artillery-mortar battalion arms with various chassis options, also for Arctic units. "Self-propelled Flox and Magnolia guns and Drok mortar are successfully undergoing preliminary trials," UVZ said. They were designed by Burevestnik Research Institute of UVZ which said in late August the weapons had been sent for trials.

The Phlox (Floks) is a 120mm wheeled, self-propelled mortar carrier designed by the Russian JSC Central Research Institute Burevestnik, a subdivision of UralVagonZavod. The Phlox was unveiled during Army 2016, the International Military Technical Forum which took place near Kubinka (Russia) in September 2016. The 120mm Flox is mounted on an Ural 6x6 truck, while the 120mm Magnolia is mounted on a two-section, articulated tracked undercarriage adapted to extreme conditions. The 82mm self-propelled Drok mortar is on mounted Kamaz chassis.

Burevestnik said the Defense Ministry included Nabrosok into the state arms program to create a whole range of highly mobile artillery guns for battalion level. Flox triggered interest of foreign customers, but so far there is no permission for its export.


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