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Russia modernizes TOS-1 Flamethrower with New Navigation system to improve accuracy

The TOS-1 is a fearsome rocket launcher known for its devastating firepower. Developed and manufactured by ROSTEC, the Russian State defense company, the TOS-1 has recently undergone testing with a new navigation system that promises to enhance its targeting accuracy and automate geodetic calculations. Russian forces use it extensively in Ukraine to strike large Ukrainian positions.
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TOS-1 Flamethrower 220mm Multiple Incendiary Thermobaric Rocket Launcher (Picture source: Vitaly V.Kuzmin )

The TOS-1 is capable of firing thermobaric ammunition, which ignites the oxygen in the air using an aerosol cloud of flammable substance ignited by a specialized charge. This ignition creates a fireball that generates a high-pressure zone at the epicenter of the explosion. The resulting shockwave is powerful and covers a vast area, making the TOS-1 monstrously effective for striking extensive targets. It is considerably used in Ukraine by the Russians and also by the Ukrainians, who have captured 3 of them and 4, of its reloaders, the TZM-T, according to the latest OSINT information.

Equipped with armor, the TOS-1 provides protection against small arms fire and artillery shell fragments. Despite its massive weight of 46,500 kg, the TOS-1 is not lacking in mobility. With a maximum road speed of 60 km/h, this heavy flamethrower system can rapidly deploy to strategic locations on the battlefield, ensuring quick response times to emerging threats and changing tactical situations. In terms of operational range, the TOS-1 has a reach of 550 km.

As mentioned earlier, the TOS-1 features a missile launcher equipped with 24 tubes capable of firing 220 mm rockets. These rockets are designed to carry a deadly payload of thermobaric and incendiary explosives, making the TOS-1 a formidable weapon for engaging and neutralizing enemy forces and fortified positions.

Additionally, the TOS-1 is equipped with a range of accessories. A fire control system, ballistic computer, and laser rangefinder work together to ensure precise targeting. Furthermore, the inclusion of a Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) protection system ensures crew safety when operating in hazardous environments. Night vision capabilities are also provided for the driver.

The TOS-1 is operated by a three-person crew, consisting of a driver, gunner, and commander. Its dimensions are as follows: a length of 7.24 meters, a width of 3.58 meters, and a height of 3.07 meters.

The integration of the new navigation system is expected to bring several essential advantages, including improved targeting accuracy, simplified deployment procedures, and increased operational efficiency. By automating geodetic and specialized tasks, TOS-1 operators can focus more on strategic decision-making, making the weapon system more versatile and adaptable to different battlefield situations.


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