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Russia creates Udar combat ground robot - Part 2

Udar can increase capabilities thanks to additional drones. It has already been tested with drones, including connected ones that are powered by Udar. Such drones are good for reconnaissance, situation awareness, and retransmission of signals in communication systems.
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Udar combat ground robot in a live demonstration in Kubinka near Moscow. It is fitted with the Epoch remote weapon station (Picture source: D.R.)

Udar can carry a small multirole robot, such as MPR-100. The robot checks reconnaissance data, manipulates dangerous objects such as mines, evacuates the wounded, etc. The interaction between Udar and the robot has been already tested.

Udar prototype was for the first time demonstrated in 2015 at the Innovations Day of the Defense Ministry. Reports appeared later about tests of various functions of the system. The running characteristics of the platform are well known. However, the design of approaches and technical solutions for the operation of the robotic system both in automatic and autonomous regimes demanded considerable effort.

Udar can develop in different ways. Firstly, it may trigger the interest of the Russian military after a certain upgrade and necessary trials. Secondly, the system at present demonstrates technologies for the tests of technical solutions and their use in other prospective products.

Range trials confirmed the correctness of the approach to increase the autonomy of the hardware. It opens a way for multirole robots. Udar project has to produce a prospective multirole platform, whose combat capabilities will be complemented by engineering and transportation functions. The modular architecture simplifies the integration of additional reconnaissance, combat, and engineering systems. The prospective robotized combat vehicle will be a complete functional analog of manned vehicles.

On the battlefield, the robot can engage in reconnaissance, patrol, escort of convoys, and jointly participate with other robotic and manned combat vehicles. Udar is used to create an engineering vehicle to evacuate hardware and build up positions. It can be fitted with various tools, including a bulldozer blade to clear a path among the debris, a crane to evacuate damaged hardware and clear debris, mine clearance devices and sweeps, as well as multi-positional manipulators to deal with explosives.

The transportation option of Udar can carry various loads, including munitions and food, and evacuate the wounded.

Udar will promote higher combat capabilities of the Russian armed forces. It will be able to engage in a broad range of combat and auxiliary missions. The troops will enjoy various advantages, save the lives of soldiers, increase the effectiveness of missions and flexibility due to new functions.

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