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Russia creates new miniature “friend or foe” system for identifying enemy drones

Russian Company RosElectronics, part of the Russian State Company Rostec Corporation, unveiled a groundbreaking compact transponder designed for drone identification. This new technology represents a significant advancement in drone warfare and surveillance, addressing the challenges of identifying friendly versus enemy drones in combat scenarios.
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Russia has developed a new “friend or foe” system to identify enemy drones. (Picture source Military Review)

Developed by NPP 'Pulsar', a subsidiary of RosElectronics, the radar identifier is designed to work with stations using Russia's 'Parol' identification system. This system is crucial in distinguishing between friendly and hostile drones, especially in situations where both sides of a conflict might use similar drone models, complicating visual identification.

The transponder is notable for its minimal weight of just 150 grams and low power consumption of 100 mW, making it an ideal addition to various types of drones, both for civilian and special purposes. Its ability to mark friendly drones at distances up to 100 km and altitudes up to 5 km enhances its utility in complex operational environments.

Sergey Borovoy, the General Director of NPP 'Pulsar', highlighted the increasing use of drones in modern warfare, emphasizing their roles in fire adjustment, surveillance, and offensive operations. The new identifier technology by NPP 'Pulsar' is set to revolutionize how drones are used in conflict zones, providing a significant tactical advantage by allowing forces to easily distinguish between friendly and enemy drones.

In addition to this latest innovation, NPP 'Pulsar' is known for its expertise in developing ultra-high frequency, power, photoelectronic, and microelectronic devices. The company also produces electronic equipment for civilian information systems, marking its versatility and technical prowess in the field of electronics.

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