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Russia continues creating missiles

Tecmash CEO Vladimir Lepin told the Zvezda broadcaster about the design of new missiles, artillery shells and multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS). Tecmash has recently displayed new-generation projectiles for Tornado-G MLRS. It created a system which allows the operator to accomplish the mission without leaving the cabin. Three new munitions were designed and the commander decides which one to engage to increase combat effectiveness. Major interest in the system was displayed at the Army-2018 show. Tecmash is ready to produce and supply it to potential buyers. The enterprise is working to increase Tornado-G precision and range.

Russia continues creating missiles
9K51M Tornado-G MLRS displayed at Army-2016 (Picture source: Vitaly Kuzmin)

US, Turkish and Chinese companies are well represented on this market at present. Serbia also displays major successes. But Russia keeps advanced positions in the sphere. Tecmash is ahead of many companies. Foreign MLRS designers stake on increased caliber. Russian counterparts invent solutions which increase the range several-fold.

Russia accounts for 28 percent of the global MLRS market with its Grad and Uragan weapons. 64 countries are armed with Grad. In 2017-2018 Tecmash signed MLRS supply contracts worth 300 million US dollars. The copmany is working to increase artillery shell precision. At present, the technical assignment is formed for a smart 152mm artillery projectile which will initially fly following a ballistic trajectory and will be adjusted by its own control system at the impact stage against a tank or another target determined by the commander. The projectile rotates 30,000 times per second and the load demands specific requirements. Designers know how to resolve the technical issues and the projectile will begin trials next year.

Remote detonation systems for 30mm munitions are undergoing acceptance trials. Test operations of tank support vehicles will begin in the troops next year.

Tecmash is designing Broneboishchik (Armor-piercer), an air-to-ground antitank missile. It has been tested and confirmed compliance with the requirements of the Defense Ministry. The enterprise is finalizing contracts at present. They can be signed by the end of the year and the missile may begin test operations early next year. Broneboishchik has increased range, fragmentation effect and can operate over-the-obstacle due to its detonator. Previous designs could not do it.

There is a whole range of new designs. Tecmash is creating a new 130mm Monolith missile both unguided and guided. As for artillery shells, the company works to increase precision and armor-piercing capability. Monolith missile is a development of Broneboishchik in another caliber. It has to replace S-13 missile. Tecmash wants the product to meet all new requirements, but cost as the predecessor, Tecmash CEO Vladimir Lepin told the Zvezda broadcaster.

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