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Russia: 57mm caliber guarantees destruction of foreign armor

Russian military hardware of 57mm caliber will guarantee the destruction of modern and prospective foreign light and medium-class infantry fighting vehicles. 57mm munitions increase the capability to fight air targets and adversary troops, expert Viktor Murakhovsky told TASS.

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The new Russian-made 2S38 anti-aircraft artillery system is armed with a 57mm automatic gun (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Tecmash Deputy CEO Alexander Kochkin earlier told TASS Russia was considering rearming light and medium armored vehicles with 57mm caliber guns instead of current 30mm. "The ballistic capabilities of 57mm munitions guarantee the destruction of the front part of foreign armor of the light and medium classes," Murakhovsky said. The 30mm shell is no longer effective against foreign armor. "The British IFV of BAE Systems, the German and prospective US Next-Generation Combat Vehicle (NGCV) are said to resist a 30mm frontal hit at a distance of 100-150 meters, i.e. pointblank," the expert said.

Some Russian weapons are already created with 57mm caliber. "The heavy T-15 IFV carried such a module at Army 2018 forum. There are designs for medium-class platforms. Kurganets and even Bumerang can carry such a module but with a smaller round of munitions. An antiaircraft weapon can have 57mm caliber. I mean Derivatsia-PVO," Murakhovsky said. 57mm munitions have higher firepower against troops and flying craft, such as drones, smart projectiles, helicopter gunships, attack jets, low-speed and low-flying targets.

Murakhovsky believes new Armata, Kurganets, Boomerang platforms, Derivatsia-PVO air defense will be the first to get 57mm caliber. "I am sure previous-generation hardware will then be modernized. I mean BMPT, BMP and BMP-2," he said.

However, a massive transfer of the old hardware to the new caliber is unlikely. "I believe it will be just an option," he said and cited financial problems as a reason. "The military budget is not endless. The Ground and Airborne Forces which will mostly use the caliber are not financially supported as other arms of troops. Therefore, I believe the transfer to 57mm caliber will take a long time," Murakhovsky said. He is sure the caliber will be introduced. "As munitions of the caliber are intensively designed, including smart projectiles and shells exploding in the trajectory, I believe the prospects are very good," he said.

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