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Precision Complexes expand Kornet antitank missile engagement capabilities

The Russian antitank Kornet missile system can fight all modern targets, including tanks and fortifications. Deputy CEO for foreign economic activities of Precision Complexes Holding Sergei Mikhailov said in early December that the company can adapt Kornet to various undercarriages in order to increase the mobility and firepower of army units.
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Kornet-EM antitank guided missile launchers mounted on a Tigr 4x4 armored vehicle (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The Kornet antitank system has been engaged in modern armed conflicts. The Iraqi military used it to destroy a group of Islamic State terrorists 50 kilometers northeast of Baghdad in October 2014. “The security forces several times destroyed the hardware and troops in the past several weeks due to the precision of the complex,” Tiger headquarters chief Abdel Amir az-Zeidi said.

The Wall Street Journal said in 2016 that the Iraqi army had been armed with Kornet for over ten years. The systems played a key role in promoting the successful offensive on Mosul. Kornet destroyed over 120 car bombs in the first week of fighting. “Many weapons can destroy a car bomb, but only Kornet can pierce a 3-ft thick metal plate and stop an armored car bomb,” it quoted an Iraqi commander as saying.

Kornet missile with a tandem cumulative warhead weighs 33 kg. The range is 8 kilometers. The combined sight detects, identifies and tracks targets. It operates in the television regime in the daytime and heat-imaging regime at night. The sight also has a precision laser range finder.

Self-propelled Kornets can fire in a tandem regime. They can pierce reactive armor by launching two missiles. They fly in the laser beam at a short interval to deceive the intellectual protection of the armor, such as the Iron Fist and Trophy of Israel Military Industries and Raphael Companies.

Kornet-D1 system is carried by Tiger-M armored vehicles and BMD-4M combat vehicles. Experts say the modular design, small size and weight of the launchers help carry one or two weapons on small vehicles with a payload capacity of one ton.

The cost-efficiency ratio of Kornet is claimed to surpass US FGM-148 Javelin and Israeli Spike. They are estimated to cost $200-240,000 a unit. Kornet is much cheaper.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news

Kornet-EM antitank guided missile (Picture source: Army Recognition)

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