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Plasan HYRAX 4x4 All-Terrain Light Armored Vehicle for military and security forces

Israeli Company Plasan design and manufacture a wide range of light wheeled tactical and armored vehicles including the HYRAX, a 4x4 All-Terrain Light Armored Vehicle which can be used by military or security forces.
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Plasan HYRAX 4x4 All-Terrain Light Armored Vehicle at Eurosatory defense exhibition in Paris, June 2018. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The HYRAX All-Terrain Light Armored Vehicle was unveiled By Plasan in June 2019 during Eurosatory, an international defense exhibition that was held in Paris, France. The vehicle is based on the German-made Mercedes Benz’ new G300 CDI Rolling Chassis. The Hyrax is the first vehicle utilizing this chassis, introduced by Mercedes Benz in 2017.

The Hyrax combines Plasan’s high standard of protection and finishes with the proven reliability and durability of the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon chassis to create a quality cost-effective light patrol vehicle. By making use of an unmodified heavy duty G-Wagon chassis, Hyrax ensures that your personnel will reliably arrive in safety, wherever their mission.

The agile light armored vehicle, Hyrax has 4×4 AWD, including center, front, and rear differential locks ensuring maneuverability and mobility for any mission (off-road & urban).

Featuring a Kitted Hull with integrated ballistic protection at B6 (upgradable to B7 or STANAG 4569 Level II), Hyrax offers high protection in a compact lightweight package with top quality finishing for up to a 6-man crew.
With low cost of operation, but high specifications, Hyrax moves the equation of what you can afford to give your troops.

With Plasan modular armor the vehicle can be configured with EN1522 B6, B7, or Stanag Level 1 or 2 protection all-around against the firing of small arms. A powerful and reliable 183HP Mercedes-Benz Turbo-Diesel V6 engine ensures that this 4.8t (GVW) 4x4 vehicle is agile and maneuverable both on and off-road

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