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Old AGS-17 30 mm automatic grenade launcher replaced by AGS-30 in the Russian army TASS 12805161

Military Defense Industry Technology - AGS-30
Old AGS-17 30 mm automatic grenade launcher replaced by AGS-30 in the Russian army.
Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) is replacing ageing AGS-17 Plamya (Flame) tripod-mounted automatic grenade launchers (AGL) chambered for 30x29mm grenade with AGS-30, according to a source within Russian defense industry.
"Russian MoD gradually phases out of service ageing Plamya AGLs, replacing them by modern AGS-30 (MoD`s designation: 6G25) automatic grenade launchers developed by Tula-based Instrument Design Bureau (Russian acronym: KBP, a subsidiary of the High-Precision Weapons holding). AGS-17 and AGS-30 launchers share the same munition. AGS-30 will increase the anti-personnel capabilities of dismounted soldiers," the source said.

AGS-30 man-portable, tripod-mounted AGL was developed by KBP in the 1990s as the replacement of AGS-17 Plamya. AGS-30 has a combat weight of 29.7 kg (including tripod-mounted body of 16 kg and a 30-round metal drum box of 13.7 kg), a length of 840 mm (including a barrel of 290 mm), a firing rate of 390-425 rounds per minute, a muzzle velocity of 185 m/s and a firing range of 1,700 m. The launcher is equipped with PAG-17 2.7x optical sight. Upgraded variant of AGS-30 AGL is included in the armament kit of Ratnik 'soldier of future' kit.
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