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Northrop Grumman demonstrates XM813 30mm automatic cannon mounted on EMAV-MCA UGV

The American company Northrop Grumman has released a video on February 2, 2022, showcasing a Bushmaster® XM813 30x173mm Chain Gun® mounted on the EMAV-MCA (Expeditionary Modular Autonomous Vehicle-Medium Caliber Armament) from the American Company Pratt Miller during live firing demonstration.
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Northrop Grumman XM813 30x173mm Bushmaster Chain Gun mounted on EMAV-MCA Expeditionary Modular Autonomous Vehicle-Medium Caliber Armament from Pratt Miller. (Picture source Screen Shot Northrop Grumann)

An unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) is designed to be remotely controlled and without an onboard human presence. It offers the advantages to be used in difficult terrains and dangerous areas. It can be also used for many combat and security applications where it may be inconvenient, dangerous, or impossible to have a human operator present. The UGV is extremely useful in carrying out military and civilian operations, which are critical.

Today, Unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) are designed and developed by many defense companies from all over the world and can conduct a wide range of missions such as reconnaissance work, search and rescue missions, monitoring buildings and infrastructures, border surveillance, and goods transport, combat missions with weapons mounted on UGVs as well as explosive ordnance disposal and mine clearance.

Citing a report from the CSS in Zurich, Drones have already assumed a leading role in counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency, and are projected to be of growing importance in future military operations. Their low cost makes them expendable and ideal for highly dangerous or politically sensitive missions.

Currently, many armies in the world have launched acquisition programs to purchase UGVs and studies how drones can be used in the future in military operations and on the battlefield.

The XM813 is a 30x173mm caliber cannon and a derivative of the company’s Mk44 Bushmaster Chain Gun® integrated on air, land, and naval platforms across the globe. The XM813 was initially fielded to meet the urgent operational need to ‘upgun’ the 2nd Cavalry Regiment’s Stryker fleet based in Germany to provide crews with increased capability to defend against emerging threats. The current contract will support enhancements to the XM813 and the integration of the chain guns into an additional U.S. Army Brigade Combat Team.

The XM813’s versatility allows for the incorporation of future advancements, including the ability to fire Northrop Grumman’s advanced ammunition types which will ultimately include proximity fuzed and guided munitions. Currently, the XM813 is capable of firing Northrop Grumman’s MK310 Programmable Air Bursting Munition (PABM) with air-burst, point-detonate, and point-detonate with delay fuze settings to defeat a variety of targets. The chain gun production will occur at Northrop Grumman’s Mesa, Arizona facility.

With the XM813 30mm automatic cannon mounted on the EMAV-MCA (Expeditionary Modular Autonomous Vehicle-Medium Caliber Armament), Northrop Grumman offers a new generation of combat vehicle offering firepower and mobility which can be used on the modern battlefield without endangering the lives of soldiers.

The EMAV-MCA (Expeditionary Modular Autonomous Vehicle-Medium Caliber Armament) is a tracked-based UGV weighing 3,330 kg without armament and which can carry a payload of 3,500 kg. The hybrid-electric powertrain supports electric-only silent watch and silent mobility. The EMAV-MCA can reach a top speed of 72 km/h.

The continuous band track and low center of gravity help the EMAV to climb a 60% grade, a 40% side slope, and vertical steps up to 60 cm. EMAV was designed with a narrow hull to ensure it is transportable in the V-22 and CH-47.

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