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No Russian T-14 Armata-like MBT before years in the West

The Russian T-14 Armata is indisputably the first of its generation. The development of a similar main battle tank by Western countries will take a few more years, Stefan Bühler, from the Swiss Association of Officers of the Armored Forces, said.

No Russian T 14 Armata like MBT before years in the West
T-14 Armata (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Citing the German magazine Focus Online, Stefan Bühler claimed the T-14 Armata is three to five years ahead of its future Western competitors. Although Bühler doesn't view the Armata as a revolutionary model, he admits that in terms of technical characteristics the vehicle surpasses other battle tanks currently produced and operated in the West.

According to him, when in a few years Western countries become able to manufacture a similar model, Russia will further have improved the specifications of the T-14, while the tank crew will gain substantial experience in operating it.

Bühler considers argues that Russia has a more pragmatic approach to its military industry compared to the West.

The Ukrainians already started to work on a similar concept called T-Rex, according to the Ukrainian manufacturer Arey Engineering Group. The T-Rex will have a new generation of fire control system and will be made using latest technologies of armour solutions. The new features will include 360° vision capacities for all members of the crew and the tank will be protected with active protection system to counter guided and unguided anti-tank missile systems.

Like the T-14 Armata, the Ukrainian T-Rex will be fitted with an unmanned turret and all three members of the crew will be seated in the front of the hull. The T-Rex will be armed with one 125mm cannon fitted with an automatic loading system and one remotely operated weapon station mounted on the top of the turret.

Now, Rheinmetall’s project called MGCS 2030+ (Main Ground Combat System), tank armed with a 130mm cannon might also become somehow a competitor for the T-14 Armata, the latter having gained combat experience and, hence, keeping it ahead in the “race”.


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