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New Russian Hermes missile able to destroy all Western tanks

A supersonic missile of Russia’s advanced Hermes long-range system will be able to eliminate any Western main battle tanks with an almost 100% guarantee as was proven during trials, a spokesman for the Shipunov Instrument-Making Design Bureau told TASS at the Army 2020 forum.
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New Russian-made Hermes missile at Army-2020 Military Technical Forum Exhibition, Moscow Region. (Picture source TASS)

The Shipunov Design Bureau is a subsidiary of the High Precision Systems Company within the Rostec state tech corporation. The Hermes was unveiled during the Army 2020 military and technical forum that was held this week in the Moscow Region.

“Considering the results of a full cycle of the Hermes trials at a proving ground, during which the system hit targets of various types, a conclusion was made that just one missile of the system will be enough to reliably eliminate any existing Western tank,” the spokesman said, adding that the destruction probability was 98-99 percent.

A Hermes missile may deviate only by 50 cm from the target even when it is fired to a maximum range of 100 km (62 mi), with the munition flying at four times the speed of sound, the spokesman said.

The Hermes system comprises several reconnaissance and guidance unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that help detect and illuminate the target.

One of the system’s features is a compact combat module with launchers for six missiles. This module can be mounted on any chassis, including that of armored vehicles.

The Hermes can deliver salvo fire against six targets at a time. Apart from adversary armored vehicles, the system’s missiles are effective against command vehicles, communications centers, and depots. A missile has a high-explosive fragmentation warhead with 20 kg of TNT.

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