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New General Purpose variant in SISU GTP 4x4 armored vehicle family

Soon after the introduction, the APC variant of SISU GTP 4x4 participated successfully in comparative trials arranged by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Latvia, in which the SISU GTP 4x4 qualified as the winner among the international competitors. Now, the SISU GTP is even more powerful thanks to an engine and transmission update.

New General Purpose variant in the SISU GTP 4x4 armored vehicle family 925 001
New General Purpose variant of the SISU GTP 4x4 armored vehicle. (Picture source SISU)

The new Mercedes-Benz OM926 engine and Allison automatic transmission together provide the SISU GTP with the power and torque that are essential in the wide range of operational tasks that the vehicle is intended for.

Technology co-operation with world’s leading manufacturer, Daimler AG, is of an essence in specification of the SISU GTP. The main vehicle technology of SISU GTP series (engine, transmission, electrical system, driver interface) is similar as in various Mercedes-Benz vehicles, thus the life cycle costs are economical, and the services can be taken care of by the same method as Mercedes-Benz trucks. Also, as these Mercedes-Benz vehicles are in operational use in numerous countries, the security of supply is available in both global and local scale. Furthermore, the manufacturing in series is efficient due to the wide use of mass produced components and technologies.

The new General Purpose variant utilises the same updated Backbone structure as the APC variant, and these Crew Bodies, i.e. the General Purpose body and the APC body, are interchangeable. Separate Backbone and Crew Body structures result in unmatched versatility, enabling numerous variants for different operational uses, as well as easy maintainability even in field conditions.

The solution of separate Backbone and Crew Body structures creates also exceptionally comfortable and noiseless environment for the crew. Interchangeable components and maintainability are also important factors in Life Cycle Support economy.

The new power train provides SISU GTP with more than 300 hp of power. Together with independent suspension system and differential locks in each wheel, it gives SISU GTP the mobility necessary beyond the paved roads, in severe off-road terrain, whatever the operational environment might be. Payload of the vehicle in off-road conditions is, subject to the chosen protection level, up to 5000 kg. SISU GTP can be shipped by air (C-130 ready), land and sea, being ready on arrival.

Modular vehicle structure allows operational-specific protection solutions: Protection level can be increased with an additional add-on kit or replacement components as necessary, also in field conditions. The vehicle is designed to carry chosen weapon systems for self-defence. The protection system for increased survivability is responding not only for today’s missions, but also to the future requirements of asymmetric nature.


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