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New armed robot Centaur unveiled by Belarus army at military parade

During a military parade marking the Independence Day in Minsk, Belarus, July 3, 2018, Belarusian armed forces have unveiled the Centaur, a new armed UGV Unmanned Ground Vehicle. The Centaur was developed by the Belarusian Company LLC BSVT based on a tracked chassis.

New armed robot Centaur unveiled by Belarus army at military parade 925 001
New armed UGV Centaur at military parade in Minsk, Belarus. July, 3, 2018. (Picture source Belarusian Ministry of Defense)

During the military parade, the Centaur UGV was carried on a 6x6 military truck. This UGV is designed to perform remote reconnaissance and fire support missions to a variety of tasks conducted by the counter-terrorism, reconnaissance and military units in urban environments.

The Centaur UGV is fitted with a turret which is armed with two four-barreled rotary machine guns GShG-7.62 that can fired at a maximum range of 1,000m. The system can be used for perimeter protection or object guarding in an automated mode by surveying or patrolling.

The main armament of the Centaur can be used against land targets to a maximum range of 1,000 m and to destroy mobile air targets flying at a maximum speed of 300 km/h.

The primary function of the Centaur UGV is to provide military forces with an unmanned tele-operated/semi-autonomous ground vehicle for direct fire capabilities.

The Centaur is remotely controlled by a single soldier to distance up to 5000 m allowing safety for military personnel during the use for combat missions. The UGV is equipped with advanced optoelectronic systems to facilitate control and increase the accuracy of target detection and recognition. Thanks to its motorization, it has high maneuverability and performances to be used in all-terrain conditions under all-weather environments.

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