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New 6x6 truck tractor KrAZ with automatic transmission

New 6x6 KrAZ-6510TE truck tractor Kremenchug Automobile Plant has never had in its lineup has just appeared. Technical requirements have been determined by the customer. This vehicle differs from the other KrAZ truck tractors by bonnet-less cab with sleeper, 460hp engine, automatic transmission, hydraulic winch and fifth wheel for 3,5" kingpin with their slides.

New 6x6 truck tractor KrAZ with automatic transmission
KrAZ-6510TE truck tractor (Picture source: KrAZ)

Straight-six engine is rated at 460hp. It is equipped with fan magnetic clutch, starting preheater, intake manifold electric heater. The 6-speed hydraulic transmission is automatic. Manual two-speed transfer case has inter-axle differential lock. Single-speed double-reduction axles are provided with inter-wheel differential and differential locks on middle and rear axles.

The GVW of the KrAZ-6510TE truck tractor is 28,000 kg; the maximum permissible load on fifth wheel is 17,000 kg. The top speed of the 65-ton combination of truck tractor and semitrailer is 65 km/h. Maximum gradient: 36% (19°), side slope: 20°, fording depth: 1,20 m, turning radius: 10 m. Wheels have central tire inflation system. A manual hydraulic winch with pulling force of 15 tons and 63-meter rope is located on the chassis frame, behind the cab.

History of “KrAZ” is a long and hard way to world class automobile plant. The company has changed its profile three times since 1945. However, despite frequent organizational changes “KrAZ” is one of few companies in the top ten of world automakers.


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