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Leonardo proposes M60A3 tank upgrade solution

The M60A3 Patton upgrade and overhaul programme provides fleet operators with a cost-effective opportunity to enhance the capabilities of the platform in line with other 3rd generation main battle tanks.

Leonardo proposes M60A3 tank upgrade solution
M60A3 Patton upgraded by Leonardo (Picture source: Leonardo)

Lethality, mobility and crew survivability are significantly improved through the integration of state-of-the-art Fire Control Systems, a new main gun, improved power systems and the implementation of modern protection systems designed to counter the common threats.

With significantly reduced investment (when compared to the purchase of a new MBT), the Leonardo solution maintains existing maintenance and logistics assets, in addition to requiring minimal additional training for support. Leonardo fully owns and controls the core technologies such as the Fire Control Systems (FCS) and the infrared technology, the 120mm smooth-bore main gun and the hydraulics and servocontrols to improve the turret performance.

Technology and Performance Overmatch, the Leonardo 120/45mm gun, joining the long 120mm experience (classic L44 120mm Gun) together with new technologies, provides effective overmatch on 125mm ammunitions.

Some characteristics of Leonardo's solution: latest generation of steel for the gun, breech block and breech ring optimised in terms of mechanical characteristics, the same used for the new 127mm Naval Gun in use in Italian and Export Navies, to assure the best in terms of design pressure: same profile, same thickness, better mechanical features. Weight Reduction, the weight of the oscillating mass consents a reduction of 500kg in comparison with the 120/44mm legacy (cradle designed using special light alloy). Low Recoil Force, thanks to a patented integrated muzzle brake system with an efficiency of 20%, conceived to reduce the recoil force on the trunnions axis (the only 120mm gun already installed on wheeled vehicles).


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