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Israel: Tikad armed drone with assault rifle to perform anti-terrorist operations

Israel has developed the TIKAD, an armed drone fitted with an assault rifle which can be used to perform anti-terrorist operations. This new armed drone was developed by the Company Duke Robotics, specialized in the development of aerial robotic system for modern asymmetrical warfare.

Israel Tikad armed drone with assault rifle to perform anti terrorist operations 925 001
Tikad armed drone with assault rifle (Picture source Duke Robotics)

In September 2017, Duke Robotics has announced that Israel’s Ministry of Defense has endorsed Duke Robotics’ TIKAD drone as innovative future battlefield technology. The founder of Duke Robotics, Raziel Atual a former commander of special forces of the Israeli armed forces used his field experience to create new military drone to respond to the new threats and the goal to saving lifes.

The TIKAD is designed with a lightweight, real-time 6 DOF (degrees of freedom) Robotic gimbal with a weight of less than 10 kg. It has the ability to carry and stabilize up to 3x the weight of the gimbal. The TIKAD can be deployed above water and ends with a minimum risk situation. Until now, troops had to be there to investigate.

As the classic army versus army confrontation on the battlefield has become increasingly rare, guerrilla warfare is now more commonplace. Developed by former Israeli military and Special Mission Unit officers to address warfare’s changing landscape, the TIKAD is remotely operated by troops, user-friendly and easily carried into the field.

The company’s proprietary robotic stabilization technology enables the TIKAD to absorb the recoil of a weapon, allowing for pinpoint targeting and shooting accuracy that can protect troops in a variety of dangerous situations. By reducing the need for ground troops, the TIKAD represents a major step towards minimizing military and civilian casualties and the technology is gaining support on a global basis.

Israel Tikad armed drone with assault rifle to perform anti terrorist operations 925 002
The TIKAD’s gimballed gun cradle. (Picture source: Duke Robotics)



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