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Iran has developed Heidar-41 new 122mm 4x4 truck self-propelled howitzer

In September 2017, the Iranian defense industry has unveiled a new wheeled self-propelled howitzer using a Soviet-made D-30 122mmm towed howitzer mounted on a 4X4 KrAz truck chassis. This new artillery system is called Heidar-41.

Iran has developed Heidar 41 new 122mm 4x4 truck self propelled howitzer 925 001
New Heidar-41 122mm 4x4 self-propelled howitzer developed by the Iranian Defense Industry

According to our first analysis of video footage published by the Iranian Television, the Heidar-41 features an automatic loading system for the projectiles and propellant charges mounted at the rear of the D-30 122mm towed howitzer.

The D-30 is a Russian-made 122 mm towed howitzer that first entered service in the 1960s with the Russian army. The maximum rate of fire of the D-30 is 6-8 rounds per minute, and about 75 rounds per hour. The D-30 fires FRAG-HE and HEAT-FS variable-charge, case-type, separate-loading ammunition. There are at least two chemical projectiles for the D-30, with the CW agent is dispersed by the explosion of a TNT bursting charge. The Sarin projectile weight 22.2 kg with 1.3 kg of Sarin agent. The 122 mm Lewisite projectile weight 23.1 kg with 3.3 kg of viscous Lewisite agent.

The Heidar-41mm can be ready fire from road position in less than a few minutes, one large hydraulic spade is lowered on the ground on each side of the truck chassis to provide a more stable platform during firing operations.

According to technical information of the D-30, the Heidar-41 could have a range of 15,4 km with standard ammunition and 21 km with Rocket Assisted Projectile.

Iran has developed Heidar 41 new 122mm 4x4 truck self propelled howitzer 925 002

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