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GSCI from Canada introduces QUADRO-S Weapon Sight to Asian military market

The Canadian Company GSCI (General Starlight Company Inc) introduces its QUADRO-S Compact Fusion Weapon Sight to the Asian Market. The QUADRO-S will be officially introduced to the Asian Market at the DSA 2018 defense exhibition that will take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from April 16th to 19th.

GSCI from Canada introduces QUADRO S Weapon Sight to Asian military market 925 001
The QUADRO-S operates in 4 distinct modes: thermal, daytime, nighttime and the pivotal day/night hybrid view, also known as Fusion Mode.  (Picture source General Starlight Company Inc)

General Starlight’s QUADRO-S is a compact, lightweight augmented vision system for tactical surveillance, observation and engagement at short-to-medium range distances. Made in Canada with Military end-users in mind.

GSCI’s patented multi-sensor technology found in the QUADRO-S operates in 4 distinct modes: thermal, daytime, nighttime, and the pivotal day/night hybrid view, also known as Fusion Mode. A detailed image is created from the visible/near infrared and long-wave infrared ranges of the spectrum when the operator is in Fusion Mode.

With the QUADRO-S you are never left in pitch darkness. Any inherent limitations found in thermal imaging or night vision alone are negated when these channels work together and complement each other to produce one real-time, lag-free video image to give uncompromised situational awareness.

Along with selecting between visible, near-infrared and far-infrared (thermal) channels individually, GSCI’s Unique Patented technology produces and displays a real-time, delay-free fusion image that superimposes all ranges of spectrum from its sensors to successfully detect any target and defy poor lighting or weather conditions.

QUADRO-S can be configured as a dedicated multi-channel weapon sight, clip-on sight mounted in front of a daytime optic, or as a hand-held observation device. It can be weapon/tripod mounted or simply hand-held.

All packed in a hard-anodized aluminum body that weighs just 750 grams, with dimensions 170x91x70mm, and costs less than any other high-performance Fusion system currently on the market.

GSCI is a leading manufacturer and developer of precision Night Vision optics and Thermal Imaging devices, established for the purpose of supplying the international military and security market with state-of-the-art electro-optical systems. Since 1992, in over two decades GSCI have built a company focused on quality, innovation, and exceptional customer service.

Visit General Starlight Company Inc at DSA 2018 defense exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Stand # 30657.


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