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Export version of Russian T-90MS tank is fitted with tactical information system

The export version of the T-90MS main battle tank of the latest Russian T-90M tank family is equipped with a single tactical-level control, CEO of the Ural Design Bureau of Transport Machine-building of Uralvagonzavod Andrey Terlikov said.

Export version of Russian T 90MS tank is fitted with tactical information system 925 001
Russian-made T-90MS main  battle tank in live demonstration at edition 2013 of IDEX defense exhibition in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The export version of the T-90MS main battle tank has a new fire control with a set of all-day stabilized sights of the commander and the pointer. The fire control is integrated into the terminal of the controlling system to obtain tactical information in the automatic system of unit control.

The single tactical-level system was designed by Sozvezdie Concern. The first contract for the delivery to the Russian troops was signed in late 2018. Sozvezdie said the system provides information exchange between tanks in real time, a general picture of the battlefield, and creates a single information network.

The concept of the so-called netcentric war appeared in the West and has to provide information and communication supremacy over the adversary by networking all participants in combat.

Terlikov said T-90MS has a better fire density and survivability of the 125mm gun. The tank fires a broad range of munitions, including a guided missile and a high-explosive fragmentation shell with preset detonation. The weight of the tank does not exceed 50 tons.

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