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ESCRIBANO MECHANICAL & ENGINEERING state of the art defense technologies

From a small machining workshop founded in 1989, Spanish Company Escribano Mechanical & Engineering represents a story of effort and improvement that managed to survive the global crisis. Escribano Mechanical & Engineering (EM&E) relies on vertical integration of its manufacturing capabilities and works for the constant improvement of facilities, innovation, customer engagement and becoming a reference in advanced technology.

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Spanish Company Company Escribano Mechanical & Engineering a reference in the International Defense and Security Industry. (Picture source Escribano)


Spanish Company Escribano Mechanical & Engineering is a Spanish company of family origin, a leader in technology and innovation, which designs and manufactures complex defense systems in its facilities in Madrid, Spain.

EM&E is committed to innovation and investment in cutting-edge technologies. In the last seven years, EM&E has invested more than $ 70 million in R&D&I and in its new facilities, adding 18,000 square meters to the 14,000 already existing, which provides them today, with a total of 32.000 sqm.

Escribano Mechanical & Engineering is the only Spanish Company with engineering and manufacturing capabilities for the complete development of Remote Weapons Stations (RWS), Electro-Optical Systems and guided ammunition kits. Company EM&E designs, manufactures, assembles and tests all of its systems in its own facilities, located in Madrid, Spain. Thanks to the efforts and the investments EM&E capabilities in control software, design and infrared systems still continue to grow gradually. The vertical integration strategy will increase production capacity, providing customers with shorter time frames, flexibility, adaptability, product profitability and, above all, quality and technological innovation.

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EM&E has a huge engineering department that employs more than 100 engineers qualified in different fields, such as electronics, mechanics, optics or software.

Mechanical Capabilities: EM&E covers all manufacturing processes, (material drafting, digital and dimensional control, high precision 5-axis machining, 3Dprinting, three-dimensional measurement verification, painting, surface treatment, assembly, verification and testing) through to integration, final assembly, vibration and stabilization testing with all the quality, manufacturing and testing certifications for the aerospace and defense sectors.

Electronic Capabilities: EM&E has an automatic line for manufacturing simple and complex Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). The cables, precision electronics, soldering, and firmware are also manufactured and developed by the Spanish company.

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Electro-Optical Capabilities: EM&E is the only Spanish manufacturer of complete electro-optical systems.

Apart from designing and manufacturing their infra-red lenses, EM&E has also the capabilities to develop image processing, stabilization and software for thermal vision. The simulators are developed to help the operator visualize the scenario with a very high level of precision, on different spectral bands.

The integration and testing of the electro optical systems are carried out at EM&E facilities and assemblies are carried out in a cleanroom. EM&E employs instruments to control and align the systems, such as an optical measuring bench, collimator and interferometer.

EM&E has developed different families of electro-optical systems, for day and night vision, such as infrared systems, monocular and complex block of sensors.

Software Capabilities: EM&E also has a software department to develop simulators for their different systems and applications. Every RWS and Electro Optical system has its own embedded simulator in order to train the operators.


Today, EM&E is an international reference in complex defense systems, ranging from stabilized platforms, such as electro-optical systems to remote weapon stations for land, naval and air applications.

EM&E is the only Spanish Company capable to design and manufacture all its systems by its own means, achieving a final product with very high performances and quality in record time.

EM&E’s Remote Weapons Stations and Electro-Optical Systems have been tested by different Armiesaround the world. The RWS “Sentinel 2.0” is in use by the Spanish Navy, and the Electro Optical System “OTEOS” is in use by the Spanish “Guardia Civil” (Spanish Civil Guard).

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EM&E has developed a wide family of Remote Weapon Station (RWS) for different calibers (5.56 mm, 7.62 mm, 12,70 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm and 40 mm). Furthermore, all the RWS can be adapted to different types of weapons of the same caliber.  EM&E’s RWS family are designed for different applications and to be mounted over different platforms (light vehicles, tanks, armored vehicles, vessels, speed boats, helicopters, aircraft…)

All the RWS are stabilized and can operate during day & night, all RWS are equipped with a high-level block of sensors composed by a thermal camera, day-sight camera and laser range finder.
They all integrate an advanced fire control system allowing them to get high shooting accuracy for long distances. They also incorporate an electro-optical system for observation and tracking operations and an embedded simulation system for training operations.

One of the latest RWS that EM&E has released, is the “Guardian 2.0” adapted with the M230LF cannon. Guardian 2.0 is a light RWS that allows multiple configurations for different weapons and platforms. The advanced technology of the Guardian 2.0 combined with the lightweight ATK M230LF cannon provides light vehicles with a high firepower capability.

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Thanks to its manufacturing capabilities, EM&E is able to design, to customize or to integrate any type of system in an extremely short time with excellent results. Its manufacturing capabilities also permit them to be very flexible and competitive. Nowadays, EM&E’s headquarters are located in Madrid, but they have four more commercial offices all over the world, such as the one recently opened in Australia and South America.

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