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Discover Boeing GLSDB Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb that US considering supply Ukraine

The GLSDB (Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb) is a new generation of precision-guided ammunition that was jointly developed by the American company Boeing and SAAB from Sweden that can be launched from artillery systems such as the M142 HIMARS or the M270 MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System). The bomb can reach a target at a range of 150 km with an accuracy of 1 m.
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The GLSDB Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb can destroy a target at a range of up to 150 km using the technologies of the GBU-39B SDB I aircraft bomb and the motor of the M26 rocket. (Picture source Graphic News)

The GLSDB is based on the GBU-39B SDB I bomb originally designed for launch from an aircraft using the propulsion motor of the M26 rocket which is the first major unmanned rocket projectile in the MLRS family.

The GLSDB is able to reach a target at a maximum firing range of 150 km, to increase by 50% the firing range of the standard guided rockets fired by M270 or HIMARS M142 which are now in service with the Ukrainian armed forces. It can be launched from hidden or protected rocket-launching sites to avoid detection by the enemy forces, engage targets at 360°, and is accurate to strike targets within 1 m.

The guidance system of the GLSDB includes an inertial navigation system (INS) / global positioning system (GPS) allowing guidance, navigation, and position data for the bomb. With this guidance system, the GLSDB can be used to destroy static or moving targets during the day and night and in all weather conditions.

The GLSDB has a weight of around 115 kg and is equipped with an Advanced Anti-Jam GPS System-aided Inertial Navigation System, combined with a multipurpose, penetrating blast-and-fragmentation warhead and programmable electronic fuze.

The GLSDB is fitted with an ultra-low fragmentation, carbon fiber case warhead with 57.6 kg Insensitive Munition-certified explosive fill. The bomb can be used to destroy light tactical, armored vehicles or fortifications.

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