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CIA sets up onion site on TOR network

Secure, anonymous, untraceable-traits ever-present in the United States Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) intelligence collection mission-and the same is true for the CIA onion site, which is now available over the Tor network. "Our global mission demands that individuals can access us securely from anywhere. Creating an onion site is just one of many ways we’re going where people are," said Brittany Bramell, CIA’s Director of Public Affairs.

CIA sets up onion site on TOR network
(Picture source: tekgnostics.blogspot)

TOR, which stands for "the onion router," is a program anyone can download and use to help strengthen user security online. The Tor network is a series of computers that bounces encrypted internet traffic through several chains of computers before the data arrives at its final destination. Since the data stays within the protected multi-hop Tor network, no one knows the origin and final destination of the data. So, the sender remains anonymous.


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