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Chinese army PLA 73rd Group Army introduces detachable barracks

The Chinese army reports on its website that a new type of detachable barracks has been put into use in a combined-arms brigade under the PLA 73rd Group Army. This kind of detachable barracks is applicable for multiple military tasks such as garrison duty handover, cross-regional maneuvering and long-term stationed training.
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Front view of the detachable barracks (Picture source: China Military Online)

The barracks adopt a steel-frame modular construction system and are assembled with container modules and aisle modules. Such design makes the construction very convenient, and four people can complete the installation of one container module within 30 minutes. In addition, the container modules can be flexibly combined horizontally and vertically to build rooms of different sizes and multi-story buildings as needed. The detachable container modules can be reused many times, which will greatly reduce the construction cost.

The equipment warehouse for combat readiness and the weapons depot are all on the first floor of the detachable barracks, the aisles on each floor are commodious, which enable the troops to muster quickly, so as to improve the efficiency of combat readiness.

The barracks are fully equipped with water and electricity supply facilities, including separate showers, multiple washstands and toilets. The spacious and bright kitchen and dormitory provide good living conditions for soldiers.

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