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AutoKrAZ expands its lineup of rolling chassis

The main feature of the new model named KrAZ-"Atlant", is the power unit rear location. This configuration is in demand for various types of military vehicles, while it’s a great lottery to find brand proper offers on the market. On the top of that price for such special modifications from big-name manufacturers is often a reason for armor and superstructure builders to modify standard truck chassis with a bad effect on the quality and performance of the final product.

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Universal ready-made rolling chassis platform with modern components (Picture source: AutoKrAZ)

KrAZ response to market needs is to offer a universal ready-made rolling chassis platform with modern components while competing for the best in the industry ratio of price, quality and technical parameters. The new product development is on the very final stage, so the company invites manufacturers of armored vehicles and special add-ons to consider the new platform as the basic chassis for their products.

Main advantages of rear-engine premier:
— modified bigger crew working area with a reduced overall vehicle height;
— capacity to increase frontal ballistic protection;
— solid road clearance 400 mm;
— automatic central tire inflation system;
— effective disc brakes with ABS;
— even the standard version chassis is equipped with an independent suspension, underbody mine protection for levels 2-3 according to Stanag 4569.

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