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Argentine army to receive 1st of 4 Chinese-made crane-truck

The Argentine Army has taken delivery of a new SANY STC800 crane truck, which will be operated by the Engineering Battalion 601. The truck is the first of four to be delivered to Argentina.

argentine sany stc800 crane engineering 925 001SANY is a Chinese heavy machinery manufacturer. (source:

The Army took delivery of the crane during a ceremony on October 17, 2017 headed by Colonel Walter Martinchuk, the commander of the Engineering Battalion 601. The STC800 crane has a lifting capacity of 80 tons and is able to reach a height of 61 meters (200 ft). It has a top speed of 80 km/h (50 mph) thanks to a double driving axle. It has two main steering axes controlled manually, and at the same time, two auxiliary axes controlled by the electric and hydraulic system, which can be locked, ensuring a small turning radius.

Argentina acquired the crane from South American heavy equipment dealer Guras San Blas S.A. The contract also includes training, both in a simulator and in the field, and a one-year warranty. Argentina has been upgrading its military capabilities lately. Most of the investment has been in warfighting systems, such as radar and anti-tank weapons. However, the military also needs engineering equipment that will be used both to support military operations and humanitarian efforts following natural disasters.

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