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APC9K from Brugger and Thomet of Switzerland new 9mm submachine gun of US Army

In April 2019, the APC9K from Swiss firearms manufacturer Brugger & Thomet (B&T) was selected by the U.S. Army as the new 9mm standard submachine gun. According to U.S. military sources the delivery of the first batch of 350 weapons will take place this year, with additional options to buy up to 1,000 of the guns in total.

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Brugger and Thomet APC9K new 9mm submachine gun for U.S. Army. (Picture source Brugger and Thomet)

The U.S. Army has announced in March 2019, that it had awarded the American subsidiary of Swiss firearms manufacturer Brugger & Thomet (B&T) contract to supply the U.S. Army with a variant of its 9mm APC9 submachine gun. The order also includes unspecified accessories, spare parts, and services. The APC9K is produced in Switzerland and will be delivered via the American subsidiary of B&T in Florida.

The APC9K is a real new submachine gun that was developed in conjunction with and for EKO Cobra, Austria’s counterterrorism unit. The APC9K is the next evolution of the proven APC9 9mm submachine gun Family. The K is the compact version and therefore the perfect choice whenever a sub-compact 9 mm carbine is needed as a personal defense weapon within military applications or for Police duty, especially for undercover or observation operations.

The APC9K is a closed bolt semi-automatic pistol and ships in a hard case with one 30-Round magazine. With the ambidextrous non-reciprocating charging handle and its other advanced features, is the APC9K is the perfect choice for military and security forces. 

The APC9K has a Barrel length of 4.3 inches and also includes a tri-lug adapter slink, cleaning kit and manual. With the tri-lug adapter installed barrel length is 5.4 inches.

The APC9K has a maximum rate of fire of 1,080 rounds per minute and weighs just 2.7 kg with a 30-round magazine. It has a foregrip and Aimpoint micro red dot aiming sight. It also features a set of fold-down iron aiming sights as backups in case the red dot sight fails.

The APC9 K has a side-folding stock to be used in enclosed spaces. It features a four-position Picatinny rail system on the barrel shroud, which is used for attaching accessories such as optical sights, laser aiming devices, illumination devices, and foregrips.

B&T is a Swiss defense supplier specializing in the design and manufacturing of firearms and tactical components such as sound suppressors and rail systems. The company is based in Thun, Canton of Berne, in Switzerland. The manufacturing branch specializes in the design and production of firearms, suppressors and modular accessory mounts for a wide array of small arms. The company also owns an extensive collection of almost 500 different types of firearms that it uses for reference in developing new products.

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