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ADASI EDGE presents QX-1 new loitering munition fully developed in UAE

The UAE-based company ADASI, a subdivision of EDGE, presents at IDEX 2021 International Land Defense Exhibition a new range of loitering munitions also called kamikaze drones, based on a quadcopter design UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). The QX-1 is the smallest member of the QX family.
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The ADASI QX-1 loitering munition was displayed for the first time to the public during IDEX, International Land Defense Exhibition, February 2021. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The QX family of loitering munitions includes four products: the QX-1, a micro-UAV, QX-2, a mini-UAV, QX-3, a small UAV, and QX-4, which features an impressive vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) fixed-wing design.

The loitering munition is a weapon system category in which the munitions loiter around a target area for some time, search for targets, and attack once a target is located and selected. Loitering munitions enable faster reaction times against concealed or hidden targets that emerge for short periods without placing high-value platforms close to the target area, and also allow more selective targeting, as the actual attack mission can be aborted.

The ADASI QX-1 is a loitering munition or kamikaze drone using an aerial drone able to carry a payload like a single bomb. This type of system provides military forces with an effective small-footprint tool to make discrete, targeted attacks with accuracy and effectiveness.

The QX-1 quadcopter system consists of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), a ground control unit, and a payload. This VTOL UAV has a maximum take-off weight of 3 kg. It also features a compact airframe and can easily be stored and carried in a backpack.

The ADASI QX-1 kamikaze drone features multiple fuse options to meet any mission requirement. The front of the drone is fitted with a gimbal optical system that includes a TV/Thermal camera tracker and seeker. The drone is also equipped with GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System). It has a maximum payload of 0.5 kg.

The QX-1 is electrically powered by four coaxial brushless motors using replaceable batteries. Each motor drives a two-blade propeller fitted to the end of the arm. The drone has a service ceiling of 2,000 m and has a flight endurance of up to 20 minutes. It can fly at a maximum range of 10 km with a maximum cruising altitude of 1,000 m.

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