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Analysis of the Russian intervention in Syria TASS 5250316

The conflict in Syria
Analysis of the Russian intervention in Syria
Russian air power operation in Syria dealt "precise and mighty blows" at terrorists, said an analytical article published by the French Valeurs Actuelles magazine.
Analysis of the Russian intervention in Syria 640 001Russian soldiers at the Hmeymim airbase in Syria (Photo Russian Army)
"In five months of the military operation against Islamists (Russian President) Vladimir Putin achieved triple success - tactical, operational and strategic," the publication said.

"Tactically, Russia rescued Syrian government forces from a nearly desperate situation. It was done due to lightning-like deployment of three dozen Russian jets and combat helicopters at the Hmeymim airbase. Numerous daily sorties of the Russian aircraft stopped the Islamists and then pushed them back by supporting the ground offensive of the Syrian troops and their allies," the article said.

"Now as negotiations begin on the background of a fragile truce Russia started to withdraw its force with a feeling of an accomplished duty," said the magazine adding the Russian operation in Syria has "eloquent results".

The publication recalls that during five months of the operation Russian aircraft made close to 9 thousand sorties, destroyed 209 oil facilities which financed the terrorists, killed 2 thousand Islamists, helped liberate 400 settlements and regain control over 10 thousand square kilometers of territory.

"Russian air power proved its ability to deliver powerful and precise strikes due to new armaments which it received in the past years," the magazine said. It noted, in particular, multifunctional fighter-bombers Su-34 and smart bombs KAB-500. "Modernization of Russian forces yielded result," the article said.

"Operationally, Russia demonstrated its force on the Middle East theatre of warfare. The Russian air power did not limit itself by sorties from Hmeymim airbase. It also launched Caliber cruise missiles from submarines in the Mediterranean Sea and from warships of the Caspian flotilla. They precisely hit the targets at a distance of over 1.5 thousand kilometers," Valeurs Actuelles writes.

The French magazine believes the strategic factor was demonstrated by the ability of the Russian forces "to deliver powerful and mighty strikes deep into enemy positions." "By engaging the whole range of strategic bombers Russia showed that it has restored the ability to strike at a long distance. The country "consolidated positions" in the Middle East and inflicted "heavy losses on Wahhabites who came from the post-Soviet space". "The aims of the Russian military operation have been achieved. Now they have to be fixed diplomatically," the magazine said.
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