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US Avenger AN/TWQ-1 air defense missile systems are now in service with Ukrainian army

Lieutenant-General Serhii Naiev, Commander of the Ukrainian Joint Forces presents the combat capabilities of the Avenger AN/TWQ-1, an air defense system donated by the United States to Ukraine. The Avenger surface-to-air missile systems are now on combat duty in the Northern Operational Zone with the Ukrainian army.
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The Avenger AN/TWQ-1 short-range air defense missile system donated by the United States to Ukraine is now in service with the Ukrainian army in the Northern Operational Zone. (Picture source Screen Shot video footage Ukrainian Army)

Citing Ukrainian Army Lieutenant-General Serhii Naiev, the Avenger AN/TWQ-1 is used to provide mobile short-range air defence for civil infrastructure facilities and security and defence sector units against cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, aircraft, and helicopters at low altitudes.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the United States has already delivered to Ukraine, 12 AN/TWQ-1 Avengers coming from the U.S. Army military inventory.

The Avenger AN/TWQ-1 is an American self-propelled surface-to-air missile system designed for short-range air defense. It was developed by the Boeing Company in the 1980s to provide mobile, effective protection for ground units against low-flying enemy aircraft and helicopters.

The Avenger system is mounted on a military Humvee (HMMWV) chassis and is equipped with eight FIM-92 Stinger missiles, a .50 caliber M3P machine gun, and an advanced sensor suite for target acquisition and tracking. The AN/TWQ-1 entered service with the U.S. Army in 1988.

Over the years, the Avenger system has undergone several upgrades to improve its capabilities and maintain its effectiveness in the face of evolving threats. It has been deployed in numerous military operations, including the Gulf War, Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, Operation Iraqi Freedom and now in Ukraine. The Avenger has proven to be a valuable asset for providing mobile air defense to ground forces and protecting critical infrastructure.

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The AN/TWQ-1 Avenger is a short-range air defense system armed with a combination of FIM-92 Stinger surface-to-air missiles and a .50 caliber M3P machine gun. (Picture source Screen Shot video footage Ukrainian army)

The turret of the AN/TWQ-1 Avenger is a crucial component in its effectiveness as a short-range air defense system. It is equipped with eight ready-to-fire FIM-92 Stinger missiles, which are lightweight, infrared-homing surface-to-air missiles adept at engaging low-flying aircraft and helicopters. The FIM-92 Stinger missile has an operational range of up to approximately 8 kilometers (5 miles) and can engage targets at altitudes of up to 3,800 meters (12,500 feet).

Alongside the Stinger missiles, a .50 caliber M3P machine gun is mounted to provide an additional layer of defense against low-flying targets or to be used against ground targets if necessary. The machine gun can be used for engaging threats at closer ranges, where the use of the Stinger missiles may not be practical or necessary.

Typically, the effective range of a .50 caliber machine gun like the M3P is around 1,800 meters (5,905 feet) for point targets, and up to approximately 2,000 meters (6,561 feet) for area targets. However, the maximum range of the M3P can extend beyond 6,800 meters (22,310 feet) in certain situations, albeit with reduced accuracy.

An advanced sensor suite is also incorporated into the turret, including an electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) sensor and a laser rangefinder. These features enable the system to acquire and track targets effectively under various weather and lighting conditions. Furthermore, the turret boasts a 360-degree rotation capability, allowing the system to engage targets in any direction quickly and efficiently.

The combination of missile and gun capabilities, as well as the advanced sensor suite, renders the AN/TWQ-1 Avenger turret a formidable element in short-range air defense operations.

In conclusion, the AN/TWQ-1 Avenger is a versatile and effective short-range air defense system that has proven its combat capabilities in numerous military operations. Mounted on a highly mobile Humvee chassis, it combines FIM-92 Stinger missiles and a .50 caliber M3P machine gun with an advanced sensor suite to provide comprehensive protection against various aerial threats, including low-flying aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Avenger's ability to rapidly deploy and reposition makes it a valuable asset for ground forces, while its mix of missile and gun capabilities ensures adaptable and effective engagement in a range of combat situations. With a proven track record in providing mobile air defense and protecting critical infrastructure, the AN/TWQ-1 Avenger remains an essential component in modern military operations.

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