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UkrOboronProm to set up production of NATO-type 155mm artillery rounds

According to Ukrinform on June 7, the state-run defense giant Ukroboronprom is developing capacities to manufacture 155-mm artillery projectiles, which is the NATO standard caliber.

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155mm rounds are badly needed by the artillery units of the Ukrainian army (Picture source: Twitter account f The Dead District)

This was announced by company spokesperson Natalia Sad, who spoke at a briefing “Production of weapons and equipment for the needs of Ukraine’s Security and Defense Forces,” hosted by the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform: "We have mastered the production of 82mm mortar mines, 122mm and 152mm artillery rounds, as well as 125mm tank shells. Today, the work on the 155mm NATO caliber continues. We are learning to produce these munitions because it is no secret that the army is filled with artillery systems of this caliber. Therefore, it is a prospect for us to master its production," said the spokeswoman.

Natalia Sad added that, today, the enterprises that are part of UkrOboronProm, together with their partners, are able to bring monthly production of projectiles of various calibers to several tens of thousands. The output is growing by the month.

As reported earlier, Ukroboronprom and Germany’s Rheinmetall signed a strategic partnership agreement. The goal is to strengthen Ukraine’s defense industry and its national security by creating a joint venture.

In recent years, NATO 155mm artillery rounds have undergone significant advancements driven by the need for increased accuracy, range, and lethality. These rounds are designed to be fired from a range of artillery platforms, including self-propelled howitzers, towed howitzers, and artillery systems mounted on armored vehicles.

Features and capabilities of 155mm artillery

Extended Range: The NATO 155mm artillery rounds provide the Ukrainian Army with the ability to engage targets at impressive distances, often exceeding 30 kilometers. This extended range enables artillery units to effectively support ground operations while keeping their troops at a safe distance from the enemy.

Precision guidance: One of the most notable advancements in modern artillery technology is the integration of precision guidance systems into 155mm rounds. With the inclusion of GPS and inertial navigation systems, these rounds can home in on targets with exceptional accuracy. This precision-guided capability reduces collateral damage and significantly enhances the Ukrainian Army's operational effectiveness.

Lethal payload: NATO 155mm artillery rounds offer a wide range of payload options, including high-explosive (HE), smoke, illumination, and cluster munitions. The HE rounds are particularly valuable, capable of neutralizing armored vehicles, fortifications, and other hardened targets. The Ukrainian Army can adapt the payload based on mission requirements, providing them with unmatched flexibility on the battlefield.

Time-sensitive fuzing: The incorporation of time-sensitive fuzing technology in NATO 155mm artillery rounds is another significant feature. This allows the munitions to detonate at predetermined times or altitudes, making them highly effective against targets hidden behind cover or within structures. Time-sensitive fuzing enhances the Ukrainian Army's ability to engage targets with reduced exposure and increases their operational effectiveness.

Interoperability: NATO 155mm artillery rounds adhere to standardized specifications, ensuring interoperability among member nations. This compatibility allows for ammunition sharing and logistical support during multinational military operations, streamlining supply chains, and enhancing operational efficiency for the Ukrainian Army.

Advantages and impact for the Ukrainian Army

The deployment of NATO 155mm artillery rounds offers several advantages that have a significant impact on the Ukrainian Army's capabilities:

• Increased operational flexibility: The extended range, precision guidance, and versatile payload options provided by these rounds greatly enhance the Ukrainian Army's flexibility on the battlefield. They can engage a wide range of targets, adapt to changing mission requirements, and effectively support ground forces in various operational scenarios.

• Improved force protection: The long-range capability of NATO 155mm artillery rounds enables the Ukrainian Army to engage targets from a safer distance, minimizing the risk to their own forces. This standoff capability allows artillery units to provide crucial support to ground operations while prioritizing the safety of their troops.

• Minimized collateral damage: The precision-guided nature of these rounds significantly reduces the potential for collateral damage. With improved accuracy, the Ukrainian Army can more effectively engage targets while minimizing unintended harm to civilian populations and critical infrastructure.

• Tactical suppression: The devastating impact of NATO 155mm artillery rounds on enemy forces serves as a powerful deterrent and a means of suppressing hostile activities. These rounds can neutralize enemy defenses and disrupt supply chains, for instance.

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