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Ukroboronprom to monthly deliver several hundred UAVs to Ukrainian army

Ukrainian Minister for Strategic Industries, Alexander Kamyshin, said that Ukraine's industrial sector is currently producing dozens of kamikaze drones each month, which are equivalent to the Russian Geran-2 or Iranian Shahed UAVs.
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The Beaver kamikaze UAV benefits from low radar visibility. It is armed with a Soviet-era K3-6 shaped charge with a capacity of 1.8kg of TNT equivalent (Picture source: Ukrainian media)

Addressing the European Business Association, Kamyshin highlighted that Ukrainian enterprises have initiated large-scale production of kamikaze drones, resulting in a monthly output of dozens of these weapons. He attributed this substantial growth to the collaboration between the private sector and government facilities, which possess the requisite resources and production capacity for drone manufacturing.

It appears that Kamyshin is referencing the Ukrainian "Beaver" UAV, introduced this year. Also known as the "Ukrainskyi Beaver", it has gained significant attention due to its innovative design and impressive capabilities. Developed by Ukrainian engineers and defense specialists, this unmanned aerial vehicle represents a substantial asset. The identity of the company responsible for producing these drones remains undisclosed.

One of its standout features is its unique monoplane design with a canard configuration. This design not only provides exceptional stability but also enhances maneuverability, making it highly effective in various reconnaissance and combat missions. The Beaver UAV boasts an impressive operational range, capable of covering distances of up to 1,000 kilometers. This extended range enables it to conduct missions deep into enemy territory or provide critical surveillance over vast areas.

The Beaver UAV is engineered to fly at speeds of between 150 and 200 km/h. It benefits from low radar visibility. With hits 20kg payload capacity, it is armed with a Soviet-era K3-6 shaped charge having a capacity of 1.8kg of TNT equivalent, making it highly effective in striking high-value targets with precision.

Despite its advanced technology and capabilities, the Ukrainian Beaver UAV remains relatively cost-effective, with an estimated price range of $100,000 to $110,000. This affordability makes it an attractive option for defense forces seeking cost-efficient yet powerful UAV solutions.

The Ukrainian Beaver UAV not only demonstrates technical prowess but also contributes to Ukraine's growing defense industry. It serves as a testament to the nation's commitment to innovation and self-reliance in military technology.

On August 2, 2023, the Kyiv Post reported that, according to reports from Russian media, authorities in the Kremlin were investigating the possibility that recent attacks on Moscow may have been carried out by Ukrainian "beaver" drones. While no official statement had been made, insiders familiar with the situation shared this information with Russia's Kommersant newspaper. It was alleged that debris resembling the Ukrainian "Bober" drone, known for its unique keel shape and dark blue coloring, was found in the vicinity of the Moscow-City financial tower complex. Furthermore, a report from Newsweek, citing open-source intelligence accounts, had also suggested the potential involvement of Ukrainian Bober drones in the attacks on Moscow, an issue for which the Kremlin had placed blame on Kyiv.

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As part of the "Drone Army" project, more than 900 drones were handed over to the Ukrainian military on November 8, 2023 (Picture source: Militarnyi/Mykhailo Fedorov)

As reported by Militarnyi and the Kyiv Post, by the end of this year, "Ukroboronprom" is set to deliver several hundred UAVs to the Defense Forces of Ukraine as part of the "Army of Drones" project. These domestic drones were commissioned by the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine (State Special Communications).

Brigadier General Yury Shchygol, the head of the State Special Forces, revealed this information during an interview with "Interfax-Ukraine." He highlighted the significant increase in Ukroboronprom's contribution to the project since August when the first contract was signed. The company, formerly known as the concern "Ukroboronprom," has transitioned to producing new products, including FPV drones and long-range drones, which are being purchased for military use.

General Director Herman Smetanin announced the commencement of serial production of a new Ukrainian kamikaze drone with a 1,000-kilometer range. These long-range strike drones are being ordered by the Defense Forces to combat Russian invaders. Furthermore, the Minister of Strategic Industries, Oleksandr Kamyshin, disclosed that the Ukrainian defense industry had started mass-producing strike drones similar to the Iranian Shahed-136, producing dozens of these kamikaze drones each month. As part of the "Drone Army" project, on November 8, 2023, over 900 drones were delivered to the Ukrainian military, marking a significant milestone in bolstering their capabilities.

Ukraine rarely publicly acknowledges direct participation in drone strikes within Russian territory. Nevertheless, Ukrainian officials occasionally hint at their involvement in such incidents through social media channels. Serhiy Prytula, the founder of one of Ukraine's primary initiatives for military and humanitarian fundraising, posted a video featuring himself alongside Ukrainian-made "Bober" (Beaver) drones, stating "We have no idea what might be flying towards Moscow!"

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Beaver and UJ-22 drones in production for the Ukrainian armed forces in July 2023 (Picture source: Militarnyi)

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