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Ukrainian troops trained to operate 30 foreign weapons systems

According to Major General Oleksiy Taran, the head of the Main Doctrine and Training Department (J7) of the Ukrainian Army’s General Staff, the Ukrainian Armed Forces currently can provide domestic training for personnel to operate 30 different foreign models of weapons and military equipment. This information was conveyed during an interview with ArmyInform, as reported by Ukrinform, and echoed by Militarnyi.
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"It takes one week to train an M777 artillery crew, provided the trainee has prior experience as a gunner", Major General Oleksiy Taran said (Picture source: Ukrainian army)

Major General Oleksiy Taran explained that they are actively working on expanding their training programs for foreign weaponry and military equipment within Ukraine. This initiative involves simultaneously training Ukrainian instructors who will subsequently train specialists within the country. Currently, they can train specialists for over 30 different foreign models. The duration of these training courses varies depending on the complexity of the equipment. For example, it takes one week to train an M777 artillery crew, provided the trainee has prior experience as a gunner. On the other hand, training an Abrams tank crew takes almost two months to complete.

Regarding the expertise of recruits trained abroad versus those trained in Ukraine, Major General Taran clarified that the training courses are uniform in both cases. This uniformity extends not only to modern foreign weapons and military equipment but also to various other specialties encompassing the use, operation, and maintenance of foreign models. He emphasized that within the educational and training facilities of partner countries, Ukrainian specialists can master more than 130 different specialties.

Furthermore, it was reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces that the United Kingdom continues to be a leading partner country in providing training for Ukrainian military personnel.

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