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Ukrainian soldiers use HIMARS MLRS to destroy Russian 55K6E S-400 Air Defense Command Post

According to images posted on the 'Special Kherson Cat' Twitter account on May 30, 2023, Ukrainian soldiers, using US-supplied HIMARS MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket Systems), have, for the first time, destroyed a Russian 55K6E command post of an S-400 Triumph air defense missile system.
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Ukrainian soldiers using American HIMARS MLRS destroy for the first a Russian 55K6E command post of an S-400 Triumph air defense missile system. (Picture source Twitter account Special Kherson Cat)

The S-400 Triumph is Russia's most advanced operational air defense system. However, the Russian defense industry has also been developing a new air defense system called the S-500 Prometey, which is supposed to be an upgrade to the S-400. This system is designed to counter ballistic missiles as well as airborne threats at greater ranges and altitudes than the S-400.

One of the key components is the 91N6E Big Bird Acquisition and Battle Management Radar. This radar system serves as the "eyes" of the S-400, scanning the airspace for potential threats within a range of several hundred kilometers. It detects and tracks multiple targets simultaneously, including aircraft, drones, and ballistic missiles.

Once the Big Bird radar identifies a potential threat, the information is passed on to the 92N6E Grave Stone Multimode Engagement Radar. This radar component is responsible for tracking the target in more detail and guiding the missiles toward the target.

The 55K6E command post is another crucial part of the system. This is where all the data from the radar units is analyzed and decisions are made about how to respond to the threat. The command post ensures that the system operates coherently and coordinates the launch of the missiles.

Speaking of missiles, the S-400 system utilizes several different types, each designed for a specific range and type of target. These include the very long-range 40N6, long-range 48N6, medium-range 9M96E2, and short-range 9M96E. These missiles are launched from the 5P85TE2/5P85SE2 Launchers, which can hold four missile tubes each.

Finally, the system includes logistical support vehicles, which provide maintenance and transport for the system. These vehicles ensure that the S-400 is mobile and can be deployed quickly and efficiently.

Ukrainian soldiers use HIMARS MLRS to destroy Russian 55K6E S 400 Air Defense Command Post 925 002
The 55K6E command post is a crucial component of an S-400 air defense missile system. (Picture source narod-ru)

The 55K6E is a vital part of the S-400 air defense missile system. More specifically, it is the Command and Control Post of the system. This component of the S-400 is responsible for analyzing data provided by the radar units, determining threats, and managing the overall operations of the system.

The 55K6E is essentially the brain of the S-400 system. It is based on a Ural-532301 vehicle and serves multiple purposes including receiving and processing radar information, assigning targets, directing the launch of missiles, and coordinating the entire defense operation.

It receives and processes data from the 91N6E Big Bird Acquisition and Battle Management Radar, which scans the airspace for potential threats, as well as the 92N6E Grave Stone Multimode Engagement Radar which tracks identified targets more closely.

Once a threat is detected and confirmed, the 55K6E command post assigns targets to missile launchers, which are then ready to fire. It maintains communication with all components of the S-400 system, ensuring the smooth operation of the defense system.

In summary, the 55K6E Command and Control Post is a vital piece of the S-400 air defense system, serving as the operational hub for the system and ensuring that the right decisions are made rapidly and effectively when a threat is detected.

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