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Ukrainian soldiers use All-Terrain Vehicle Geon Strike 1000 armed with Skif anti-tank missile

According to pictures published on Reddit, Ukrainian soldiers use All-Terrain Vehicle Geon Strike 1000 as an anti-tank combat vehicle fitted with Skif Ukrainian-made guided missile weapon system.
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Ukrainian soldiers use All-Terrain Vehicle Geon Strike 1000 armed with Skif anti-tank guided missile weapon system. (Picture source Reddit Posted by u/PersonalityNo2906)

The use of All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) for combat operations is not very new, in fact, these types of vehicles have been used by the U.S. Army and American Special Forces during the war in Afghanistan. The ATV is very popular with Special Forces units because it has lightweight and small size allowing easy deployment and transport by military aircraft or helicopter.

Another advantage of ATV vehicles is its great capabilities in terms of mobility in off-road conditions. Thanks to this type of vehicle, soldiers can move over long distances in a much faster way than on foot.

In this case, the Ukrainian army used the Geon Strike 1000 which is manufactured in China and seems to be sold by the Ukrainian company KMS. The design of the vehicle is standard for an ATV with two seats at the front and a cargo area at the rear. The top of the vehicle is fitted with an anti-roll bar.

Using the ATV with an anti-tank guided missile weapon system, the Ukrainian soldiers can quickly engage a target on the battlefield and then quickly move to another position without the possibility of being spotted by the enemy.

The Skif is a Ukrainian-made anti-tank guided missile developed by the Luch Design Bureau, a major Ukrainian developer of components for the defense industry. The missile of the Skif is designed to destroy modern armored vehicles or tanks protected by heavy armor, including Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA). It can be used during day and night combat operations.

The Skif weapon system consists of a tripod, missile container, PDU-215 remote control panel, guidance device, and thermographic camera (thermal imager). The PDU-215 control panel is a briefcase-like laptop computer with a control panel, holding a small joystick and a flat-panel display, which is connected to the firing unit by a cable, allowing it to be used at distances up to 50 meters away.

The Skif missile can be fitted with two types of warhead including the RK-2S which is able to destroy main battle tanks such as the Russian T-90A with penetration of 800 mm behind ERA and the RK-2M-K warheads might be able to destroy heavy main battle tanks with a penetrating capacity of 1100 mm behind ERA. The Skif missile range also includes high explosive (HE) fragmentation RK-2OF and RK-2М-OF warheads to attack infantry positions and light armored vehicles.

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