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Ukrainian soldiers target one more Russian BMPT Terminator Model 2017 near Donetsk

According to a video posted on Twitter by Ukraine Weapons Tracker dated August 12, 2023, a Russian combat vehicle, BMPT Terminator Model 2017, was rendered inoperable, and a T-80BV tank, which was towing the BMPT Terminator, sustained damage in a recent clash near Spartak in the Donetsk Oblast.
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BMP TERMINATOR Model 2017 Tank fire support tracked armored vehicle(Picture source: Vidéo footage from Twitter account of Ukraine Weapons Tracker )

In the video, we can observe the BMPT Terminator being hit multiple times by loitering munitions. The vehicle is subsequently abandoned by its crew but is later recovered and towed by a T-80BV. The towing vehicle is then targeted by other Ukrainian loitering munitions. Finally, at the end of the video, we can see artillery fire also targeting the two vehicles, which are stopped on a road. However, we cannot confirm the destruction of either of the two vehicles, although the BMPT Terminator is likely neutralized.

Many sources mention a BMPT Terminator 2, but this is not possible as it is not in service with the Russian army, so it is a BMPT Terminator Model 2017.

FPV (First Person View) loitering munitions played a crucial role in this operation. These drones are equipped with real-time video feeds, allowing operators to identify and engage targets with precision. Their loitering capability enables them to hover over the battlefield, waiting for the optimal moment to strike. By utilizing FPV loitering munitions, Ukrainian forces were able to locate and neutralize the Terminator with minimal risk to their own troops.

Indirect fire, another key element of the operation, underscores the importance of long-range artillery in modern warfare, particularly in the context of the conflict in Ukraine. By using indirect fire, Ukrainian forces can engage enemy assets from a safe distance, reducing the risk of counterattacks. This tactic demonstrates the skill and coordination of the Ukrainian army.

Equipped with two 30mm automatic guns, the 2A42, and a coaxial machine gun of 7.62mm, the PKTM 7.62mm, the Terminator 2 can unleash a true barrage of fire. These weapons serve not only to neutralize enemy infantry and light armored vehicles but also to engage threats from various ranges, providing the versatility required in dynamic combat situations. The Terminator's anti-tank capabilities are further enhanced by its four 9M12 Ataka anti-tank guided missiles.

With basic steel armor as its foundation, the Terminator's front and glacis are reinforced with explosive reactive armor (ERA), providing enhanced defense against high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) projectiles and shaped charges. Additionally, the Terminator is equipped with slat armor at the rear, providing protection against rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) and similar threats.

The BMPT Terminator Model 2017 has a weight of 47,000Kg and can achieve a speed of 65 km/h. It also has a length of 6.96m, a width of 3.46m, and a height of 3.4 meters.

As the conflict continues to evolve, the ability to adapt to emerging threats and use technologies such as drones will be crucial. This engagement near Donetsk serves as a reminder that a well-coordinated and technologically advanced approach can level the playing field, giving Ukrainian forces a significant advantage against Russian forces.

Russian BMPT Terminator 2 Suffers Multiple Hits in Donetsk by Ukrainian Forces 925 002Russian T-80BV towed a BMPT Terminator Model 2017 (Picture source: Vidéo footage from Twitter account of Ukraine Weapons Tracker )


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